Truck Accident Injury claims West Palm Beach

Q: I was badly injured after my West Palm Beach truck accident. How can I get evidence in my case?

A: Since much of the relevant evidence in a West Palm Beach truck accident is collected hours after the crash, you may be tempted to investigate the scene while you wait for the emergency crews to arrive. While it’s a good idea to take pictures and write down contact information, many people are too injured after a semi crash to take on this responsibility. We have seen countless West Palm Beach accident victims who were unable to collect vital information after the crash for a number of reasons:
  • The victim was unconscious, too injured to move, or pinned inside the vehicle
  • Medical crews told them to remain still
  • Victims were panicked or in a state of shock
  • They were administering medical help to children or other passengers
As experienced Florida semi crash attorneys, we know that truck accident victims are not only in extreme pain, but they are also at an extremely unfair disadvantage. In the moments after the accident, the trucking company’s insurance adjusters and investigators will likely be on their way, and you have no one on your side doing the same for you-until now. Fetterman & Associates can collect evidence on your behalf, including accident reconstruction and expert testimony to discover who was at fault for your injury. Call us at 561-845-2510 for free consultation.