Slip and Fall In A Store Palm Beach

Q: I slipped and fell on a wet floor in a store. Can I sue for my injuries?

A: If you slip and fall in a store, you may have a case. It all depends upon the details of the situation. In order to receive compensation for your injuries in a West Palm Beach slip and fall accident, you must prove that the store was negligent. An example of negligence would be if there was a spill in the store that the staff knew about, but there was no effort to clean it up and no signage indicating the presence of liquid on the floor. If another customer dropped a gallon of milk and you immediately slipped and fell in it, you would not have a very good case. This is because there is not much the store could have done to prevent you from falling since they were unaware of the situation. Another example of negligence could occur after the spillage. If an employee mopped up the spilled milk, but failed to place a wet floor sign, this would constitute negligence on the store’s part. Overall, the answer to this question depends heavily upon how long the floor was wet, whether the staff was aware of the situation and how the situation was handled. If you were injured in a Florida slip and fall accident, contact a West Palm Beach injury attorney at Fetterman & Associates. We will meet with you for a free consultation to determine if you have a personal injury case.