Q: Does it Matter Which Side of the Road I Walk on in Florida?

A: If the road you are traveling on has sidewalks, either on both sides or only on one side, you must walk along the sidewalk. It is acceptable to walk on either side of the road as well as with or against traffic as a sidewalk separates you from the vehicles on the roadway. It is only permissible to walk along a roadway when sidewalks are not provided. In that instance, you should walk along the shoulder on the LEFT side of the road, AGAINST the flow of traffic. Stay as far to the side of the road as possible in order to allow adequate room for oncoming vehicles to pass. Please keep in mind that this direction is the opposite of cyclists, who are required to ride along the RIGHT side of the road, WITH the flow of traffic. If you have been injured in a Florida pedestrian accident, contact a West Palm Beach accident attorney at Fetterman & Associates. Related Links 5 Things You Should Never Do On The Highway 4 Tips To Safely Riding A Bicycle