Truck Company Liable - If Over The Weight

Q: Could the truck company be liable if they were over the weight regulation in my West Palm Beach truck accident?

A: The factors in truck accidents are frequently complex. Liability could be assessed to multiple entities. In addition, truck regulations governing weight may vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While numerous factors lead to the high likelihood of serious Florida truck accidents, weight is certainly a consideration. New weight legislation is currently being considered by congress that may increase the chances of West Palm Beach, Florida, truck accidents. There are many safety concerns about the extra weight making it much harder for drivers to stop in time to avoid accidents and truck accident related fatalities. If you or anyone you know has experienced a serious injury due to a truck accident in West Palm Beach, it is important to contact an experienced West Palm Beach truck accident attorneys. Truck companies frequently employ certain common defenses to try to avoid any liability. As businesses, they need to ensure that they continue to operate with as little loss as possible; this means that they want to avoid having to pay for YOUR damages and medical expenses. It is vital work with a local legal expert who is familiar with Florida trucking weight regulations when you are dealing with a serious West Palm Beach truck accident.

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