Can a Doctor Be Held Responsible For Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Q: Can a doctor be held responsible for misdiagnosed cancer?

A: Every day, we rely on doctors to know more than we do. Never is this more important than when we go in for a cancer screening-when we are told we are cancer-free, we will believe the diagnosis and go about our lives. This is why a West Palm Beach Cancer Misdiagnosis is a particularly harmful form of medical malpractice. A patient’s chances of survival are severely reduced as the stages of cancer progress. For example, a patient being treated for late-stage cancer has 80% less chance of survival than a patient whose cancer was detected early.

Doctors may be held liable if they have:

  • Demonstrated a poor standard of care
  • Misread or misinterpreted test results
  • Failed to biopsy, aspirate or test a suspicious lump to rule out a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Declined to order hospital scans or further testing because it was “unnecessary” or “expensive
If your doctor’s negligence delayed your cancer treatment, we can help you seek justice and stop your physician from making the same mistake again. Contact Fetterman & Associates today to get started on your West Palm Beach medical malpractice case.