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Premises Liability: Were You Injured at a Hotel?

Hotels will serve as your home away from home as individuals need to travel. Within most instances, hotels offer luxuries and amenities uncommon to us in our day-to-day lives. While hotels are meant to provide luxury and comfort, they can also be dangerous if property and business owners do not properly maintain their properties at safe standards.

Most franchise and chain hotels must pass monthly inspections which are meant to uphold the brand’s safety and values. Unfortunately, these inspections do not always recognize potential hazards. Additionally, smaller, private hotels and properties may not be held to as high of safety standards and regular inspections as hotel chains.

The Most Common Accidents that occur in Hotels include:

Florida Premises Liability Lawyer

Any of those accidents might result in severe injuries, which include sprained joints, broken bones, and head injuries. A handful of injuries might have more serious effects, which include death. In most instances, these accidents can be prevented if the hotel owner sought proper precautions in maintaining or repairing the property.

Victims who have sustained injuries at a hotel due to property conditions might be entitled to compensation on premises liability grounds. Property owners might be held accountable for negligence if they don’t properly maintain safe property conditions.

Individuals who wish to seek legal action against hotel owners for their accidents and injuries should consult with a professional attorney to assist them with their cases. A professional lawyer may aid an injured person in organizing a solid case for the compensation she or he deserves.

If you or someone you love has experienced an injury at a hotel due to unsafe conditions, consult with an experienced premises liability attorney to determine if you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Florida Premises Liability Lawyer

The Florida premises liability attorneys at Fetterman & Associates, PA have years of experience helping individuals with various types of injuries. We understand the challenges faced by individuals who are injured, and are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure you receive the help and compensation you deserve.

Do not delay. Contact us online or call 561-845-2510 today to see how we can help.

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