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Boca Raton Woman Hit a Cyclist While on a “Cocktail” of Drugs : Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Cyclist Hit By A Woman in Boca Raton

An early morning disaster could have been avoided, it seems. A fatal truck on bike accident was caused by complete disregard for responsibility and the safety of others.

A 65-year-old man was taking his daily ride to McDonald’s when he was struck by a Ford F-150 and killed by a young driver impaired by prescription medications. The event was Read More

West Palm Beach Attorney for Public Transportation Accident Victims

Accidents Involving Bus, Taxi, Train, Limo and Public Transportation

If you were to guess what the most dangerous mode of transportation is, which results in the most casualties and fatalities each year, what would it be? Most would guess air travel. While it is absolutely devastating anytime we hear about a plane crash, it still doesn’t rank as one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Accidents Read More

Vehicle Accident Victims: Know Your Rights

Were you recently involved in a car accident? Vehicle accidents happen every day. In fact, traveling by car or truck is still one of the most dangerous forms of travel and results in the most casualties and fatalities. However, if you or someone you know has been recently involved Read More

Florida Car Accidents and Teen Drivers Offer Safety Concerns

Teen drivers are at a high risk to have car accidents. An car accident that occurred on Monday, June 16 at about 7 p.m. on Selma Church Road in Holmes County is a grim reminder of this fact. In that single car accident, Austin Martin, a seventeen year-old driver, was killed, while his fourteen year-old passenger sustained minor injuries. The overall Read More

Car Accidents and Black Box Data Evidence

Black Box Evidence in Car Crashes

In Florida, if you are in a car accident and the other person is at fault, there are various forms of evidence that may be used in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. One type, which is also allowed in Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, Read More

Vehicle Rollovers in Palm Beach County Send Several to Area Hospitals

Two separate car accidents in Palm Beach County around the middle of the month both involved vehicle rollovers, and both were serious enough to send some of the vehicle occupants to the hospital.

In a single car accident southbound on the Florida Turnpike in Boynton Beach, a car struck a wall and rolled over, landing on its side in the road. The driver Read More

A year after Florida passes Personal Injury Protection “reform” and the debate rages on

In May 2012 we posted a blog about the passage into law of HB 119, the so-called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) reform bill that was going to lower your no-fault insurance rates by 25% (see Florida Passes Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Reform: A Boon for Consumers or a Curse for Injured Drivers and Passengers?).

Since then, parts of the law have Read More

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