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Many nursing home residents suffer from health problems that increase their likelihood of getting injured. Such health problems may include decreased mobility or dementia.

Nursing homes have an obligation to render proper care and supervision to all of their elderly residents, and facilities with an adequate number of trained staff should be able to prevent a majority of accidents.

When the home fails in this regard and an elderly resident suffers from a fall or other accident, the nursing home may be held liable.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to an accident or fall while under the care of a nursing home or other long-term care facility, our personal injury lawyers at Fetterman Law are here to help.

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Falls and Accidents Common in Florida Nursing Homes

Injuries due to falls are common for elderly residents of nursing homes and other care facilities. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, falls rank as the largest single cause of preventable emergency room visits by the elderly.

Nearly 1,800 residents of care facilities die each year from injuries related to falls. Adults sixty-five and older our four times more likely to die from a fall if they live in a nursing home than if they stay at home or with family.

Causes of Injury Due to Falls and Accidents

A number of circumstances can cause or contribute to the injury of your loved one while under the care of a nursing home, including:

  • Accidents Due to Untrained Staff – In some instances, a poorly trained staff may contribute to a fall or other accident. For instance, an elderly resident may attempt to move without needed aide because a caregiver was not present or failed to answer a call for assistance or help. In some cases, a failure by nursing home staff to respond to an elderly resident may exacerbate injuries caused by an nursing home accident or fall, as the elder is left on the floor for an extended period of time without aid. Such neglect can turn a minor injury into a major trauma.
  • Accidents Due to Unsafe Facilities – In some instances, a fall or other accident may be due to conditions associated with a facility. For example, a nursing home may fail to maintain its buildings and equipment in a manner that is safe for an elder resident. Such failures include poor lighting, slippery floors, junk in hallways or rooms, improper signs, broken equipment, faulty beds, faulty safety rails, or the like.

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