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New Trucking Regulation may Help Reduce Cases of Speed Related Accidents and Deaths

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In a joint effort by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Department of Transportation, new regulations have been proposed to limit the speed of buses, trucks and other large, commercial vehicles when on the highway.

This proposed regulation would require these large vehicles (the ones that weighed over 26,000 pounds) to be fitted with a device to limit or put a cap on the maximum speed the vehicle could go. The proposed limits are 68, 65 or 60 miles per hour. The vehicles that weigh over 25,000 include dump trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs, school buses, buses, trucks, multipurpose passenger vehicles and other large commercial vehicles or trucks.

The Purpose of the New Regulation

The purpose of this proposed regulation is to help and minimize the number and the severity of accidents that involve large vehicles. It is also designed to reduce the total number of serious injuries and fatalities that occur.

According to statistics, speeding is a contributing factor in up to 33.3% of all auto accidents and 23% of commercial vehicle/large truck accidents. According to information from FMCSA, accidents that involve a large truck or a bus resulted in over 4,000 in 2014 alone. Also, more than 1,000 fatalities occur each year because of a speeding bus or truck.

The Potential Impact of the New Regulation

According to those in support of this speed cap, limiting a trucks or buses speed limit to 68 miles per hour may play a vital role in saving between 27 and 96 lives every year in speed related crashes. Also, when a maximum speed of 64 miles per hour is imposed, it could save between 63 and 214 lives, while a speed cap of 60 mph could save up to 498 lives a year.

Even though the proposal is said to make sure that the fleet of large commercial vehicles operates more efficiently, there are some opponents in the trucking industry that view this proposed regulation as interference by the government. There are some who claim the government is trying to interfere with all aspects of a truck driver’s business. Also, opponents make the argument that technology to limit speed may create a new safety hazard on the roads. It may result in increased collisions, traffic congestion, roadblocks and even more cases of road rage.

Do You Need a Large Truck Accident Attorney?

Unfortunately, large commercial vehicle accidents happen every day on Florida roadways. If you are ever involved in an accident, it is a good idea to contact a truck accident attorney right away. An attorney can investigate the case and ensure the victim’s rights are protected. The fact is, accidents caused by commercial vehicles are often more severe than regular passenger vehicle accidents.

To learn more about your rights and find out if you have grounds for a truck accident lawsuit, contact the attorneys at Fetterman & Associates, PA by calling 561-845-2510.

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