New Study Shows Speeding is the Top Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

Car Speeding - Major Cause Of Accidents

For several years, experts and researchers have investigated and scrutinized car accident statistics to discover insight about the most prevalent dangers on roads in the U.S., along with when and where they are the highest.

Thanks to the work done by these individuals, along with the efforts of safety advocates and awareness campaigns, the majority of drivers in the U.S. are aware that some types of negligence while behind the wheel can increase the risk of an accident, regardless of if it is driving while drink,, distracted or committing a traffic violation.

Even though drunk and distracted driving are usually singled out because of their devastating consequences, researchers conducting a new study state that more common and innocuous problems on roads may be the cause of higher rates of fatal wrecks – speeding.

Consider some of the findings of this study here:

  • Speeding results in a larger number of deadly accidents across the United states than distracted or impaired driving.
  • Speeding makes up 22 percent of all fatal car accidents across the country. The second leading cause was drunk driving, which was responsible for 14 percent of all fatal crashes.
  • Speeding is considered a top five factor resulting in motor vehicle fatalities as far back as information has been recorded.
  • Speeding is the top cause of deadly accidents in 34 of the 50 states.

Florida’s Position in the Study’s Rankings

Florida isn’t a state that’s known for safe roads. In fact, it’s one of the states that is receiving the lowest marks regarding motorist safety and its been recorded that the drivers are some of the worst in the country.

While this is true, according to the data in the above-mentioned study, Florida wasn’t the worse when it came to total fatal car accidents caused by speeding. Florida came in as number 50 on the list, which included 51 total (all states and DC). The state had an average of 6.2 percent of fatal accidents being the result of speeding.

Injured due to Car Accident? Fetterman & Associates will Fight for You

As a law firm that is focused on matters related to wrongful death and personal injury, Fetterman & Associates has handled a large number of cases that involved speeding, both those where drivers were exceeding the posted speed limit and when they drive too fast for the conditions.

Speeding is one of the most dangerous behaviors for drivers, and comes with innumerable consequences, which includes a higher likelihood of more severe crashes, preventable fatalities, and catastrophic injuries. At Fetterman & Associates we want to remain all drivers about how important it is to drive safely and to adhere to the speed limit at all times.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a car accident with a speeding driver, or with any driver who did not uphold their legal obligation to drive safely, our attorneys can review your claim and determine if you have a case. Call our team at Fetterman & Associates today at 561-845-2510 to learn more.