Lime Scooter Accident Leaves Security Guard in Vegetative State

Lime Scooter Accident

Electronic scooters, marketed as a convenient and fun way to zip around the city, have been tied to a number of accidents causing death or injury to riders. A December 2018 accident in Fort Lauderdale forever changed the lives of Ashanti Jordan, a security guard at Broward General Medical Center, and her loved ones.

Decision to Use Electronic Scooter Proved Disastrous for Hospital Security Guard

Rentable Lime scooters are everywhere in South Florida, offering consumers an easy way to enjoy the convenience of a scooter without the hassle of maintaining or storing one. Ashanti Jordan usually caught rides home from coworkers. After the end of a December 2018 shift, she decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head home on a Lime scooter.

About halfway through her four-mile ride, Jordan crashed into a Toyota Corolla. The impact tossed Jordan 100 feet and left her hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury and numerous broken bones. At the time of the accident, Jordan was not wearing a helmet.

Mother Claims That App Instructions Led to Daughter’s Accident

Jordan is still in a vegetative state several months after the accident. Her mother alleges that Lime is responsible for the accident. The Lime app instructs users to stay off of sidewalks and use roadways. State law forbids people from using electronic scooters on the road; in Fort Lauderdale, riders may use electronic scooters on the sidewalk. Since the app technically instructs its users to break the law, Jordan’s mother believes that they are at fault for the crash that caused her daughter’s serious injuries. When the accident occurred, Jordan was on the street, not the sidewalk.

E-Scooters Getting Mixed Attention in the Media

Electronic scooters have been hailed as a revolutionary transportation option by many. Lime is valued at over $1 billion, getting funds from both Uber and Alphabet. However, alongside the positive news stories, it’s easy to find reports of crashes, scooters that spontaneously combust, and models that have broken in half mid-ride. Even when they don’t cause crashes or fires, they can be a nuisance in busy cities. People often leave them lying on their side, littering cramped city sidewalks and putting pedestrians at risk of trips and falls. Some cities, including Hollywood, have even banned e-scooters from their streets.

Since electronic scooters are still relatively new, there’s little in the way of legal precedent and legislation that directly addresses this type of transportation. In the wake of an accident, a company may offer a small settlement or completely refuse to accept any responsibility. Working with an experienced brain injury lawyer may help victims get the compensation they deserve.

We’re Here to Help After Your Scooter Accident

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