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Information About Your Vehicle’s Recall

It may seem that every time you turn on your television or read the news, there is a report or information on the latest vehicle recalls. Well, it isn’t your imagination…

Since the beginning of 2014 to date, there have been approximately 100 million vehicle recalls. While some vehicle models may have appeared on this list twice due to different recall issues, that is still a lot of vehicles with manufacturer defects.

Vehicle recalls aren’t something that should be taken likely. More often than not, these recalls are due to safety issues that can cause serious injuries to consumers if ignored.

How Will You Know If Your Vehicle is Recalled?

If you are the owner of a vehicle that has been recalled, then more than likely you will be notified directly. You might be notified by the manufacturer via standard mail, or by the onboard communication system in your vehicle (if it has one).

You also may notice an issue with your vehicle malfunctioning in some way, prior to receiving any type of notification. If that is the case, then you may be made aware of the recall issue when you take your vehicle to the dealership for repair.

Why is the Recall Happening?

Vehicles are recalled for a wide variety of reasons. A number of recalls stem directly from consumer complaints that have been investigated and found to have merit. Typically, it is an issue that causes potential safety concerns for drivers or passengers. The issues can range in severity from problems with exploding airbags to flaws with the steering components.

But not all of the issues that result in a recall are due to a potential safety concern. Some of the issues are just minor malfunctions. Things like windshield wiper problems or flaws with the air conditioning or entertainment system do not always result in a potential issue for driver or passenger safety, but they do still cause recalls due to the manufacturing defect.

What Do I Do If I am Notified?

If you are notified of a recall pertaining to your vehicle, the manufacturer will usually repair the problem for you free of charge. Based off of the recall itself, the manufacturer is admitting that they are at fault for the specific issue. Due to this, they also normally assume financial responsibility for the repair.

There may also be specified dealerships that you will need to work with. The manufacturer makes these arrangements with the dealership, and then provides the information for what dealerships will perform the repairs to the owners of the vehicles.

Unfortunately, having to deal with a vehicle recall can be inconvenient. However, it is important not to ignore this information as it may be to your benefit, or safety, to have the issue fixed.

Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been the victim of a car accident, and you feel a manufacturer flaw or defect with your vehicle is to blame, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, and it is essential you work with an attorney that is knowledgeable in the area of vehicle recalls.

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