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Improve Visibility with New Motorcycle Safety Equipment and Gear

Visibility is one of the biggest worries when considering the hazards associated with riding a motorcycle. This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida.

This, along with the fact that 32% of motorcyclists in Florida believing they should not have to wear a helmet while on the road, leads to accidents being severe if not devastating when they occur.

Due to the large number of devastating motorcycle accidents that occur in Florida, and all across the nation, many organizations have worked to develop new safety gear and equipment to help reduce accidents, as well as the severity of injuries when they occur.

Motorcycle Safety GearThe Introduction of a Smarter Helmet

One organization that has taken huge steps in making motorcyclists safer is the Consumer technology Association. In fact, this “smarter helmet” was introduced at the 2017 convention. For the first time ever, there is a smart helmet accessory that offers the first wearable brake light. It operates via a connection to a smartphone application.

This innovative helmet was created by a French startup company and called the Cosmo Connected. This company is run by experts in the development of interconnected objects for the purpose of motorcycle safety.

How the Smart Helmet Feature Works

The device features a straightforward, yet clever design, which works with virtually all types of helmets. It connects with a special adhesive and clip-on support so that you can easily attach it to your helmet and remove it when it is unneeded. It is also idea for extra helmets.

A red light is emitted by the Cosmo Connected at eye level of the driver behind the motorcyclist. This provides better visibility when braking. When the motorcyclist is not decelerating, the device continues flashing so the rider is easily seen by all the other vehicles on the road.

The unique technology contained in the braking light allows it to switch on even when the rider is slowing down, but not using the brakes. Most people know how dangerous it is to downshift on a motorcycle when there are no vehicles behind them because they are slowing down by engine braking, resulting in no light coming on.

Design and Durability of the Cosmo Connected

Crafted out of durable plastic, this removable light is able to withstand any weather conditions. The gadget is also extremely lightweight and designed to detach easily from the helmet if an accident occurs.

Another feature of this device is that if an accident does occur, it automatically contacts rescue personnel in just three minutes, providing the GPS coordinates of the rider’s location and the health profile of the wearer.

The device hooks to smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity and provides low-power notifications when it is time to recharge the battery. The Cosmo Connected is thought to be an option to increase the safety of motorcyclists and reduce accidents.

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