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How to Spot Nursing Home Abuse

It’s always difficult when families are required to put an elderly loved one into a nursing home. Not only is the decision itself difficult, but finding the right nursing home is also difficult. There are many features that homes have to offer, but the most important feature is finding a home that takes care of their patients thoroughly.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Unfortunately, there are many cases where loved ones are abused or neglected under the care of a nursing home. It happens more often than what many believe. Abuse does not necessarily have to mean physical—it can be emotional and mental.

There are many different kinds of nursing home abuse that the elderly can endure, so it is important to pay attention and know how to recognize the early signs.


If you enter a nursing home and there are apparent signs of poor hygiene, such as cleanliness and odor, this may be a sign of neglect. Many patients in a nursing home require assistance doing basic things such as using the facilities or bathing. Because accidents do occasionally occur, it is important that the facility is maintained and kept clean.

Your elderly loved ones should always have a staff member available if they need assistance. If you notice any strange smells or regularly soiled clothing and linens, contact the facility administrator immediately.

The Residents

How to Spot Nursing Home Abuse

Family members should pay attention to what the patients have to say regardless of their mental state, particularly regarding basic needs such as hunger or thirst. Any signs of malnourishment could indicate neglect. Make sure there the staff is regularly checking in on them and making sure they have everything they need. Elderly folk may have memory issues or be battling cases such as dementia, but listening to what they have to say is important.

While physical abuse is less common, it does still occur on occasion. Pay attention to any injuries your loved one may sustain while in the care of the facility. If they have sustained odd injuries such as broken bones, hair loss, bruises, abrasions or more, this may be a sign that they are being physically abused.

The Staff

While the staff may always seem friendly when speaking to you or your family, pay attention to how they speak to other staff members or patients. Their tones should always be kind and they should retain a friendly and professional demeanor at all times. In addition, a staff member should never deny family members the right to see their elderly loved ones.

Some other apparent signs of abuse might include the refusal to allow a patient to leave; this can be done by removing their wheelchair assistance or holding them in a particular area.

Nursing Home abuse Attorneys Florida

Nursing home abuse is unacceptable, yet all too common. No family should have to fight nursing home abuse alone. If you suspect or think there is abuse occurring at a particular nursing home with a loved one involved, contact us online or call 561-845-2510 for a free initial case evaluation, or to learn more and find out how we can help.

Experienced legal professionals at Fetterman & Associates can help you get the assistance you need to ensure that your loved one is protected and that your family receives the proper settlement for any pain or suffering.

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