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How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured due to the fault of another person or business, then you may have a personal injury claim. But, what do you do to get your claim started? While it is possible to assert a personal injury claim on your own behalf, it is not recommended. Instead, you should contact an experienced West Palm Beach injury lawyer.

Florida Personal Injury Attorney

A seasoned personal injury attorney will be able to estimate what your case may be worth and walk you through the process of asserting your rights in a personal injury claim. Here, we will briefly cover how to make a personal injury claim and the process involved once you walk into our office.

1. Case evaluation

Even if you have been injured due another person, not every case will make a good legal claim. For example, the person at fault may have a valid defense that will counteract your claim.

In another situation, the damages that you suffered may not have been enough to assert a personal injury claim. Our case evaluation process will honestly assess your case and determine if it is worth your time and money to assert a personal injury claim.

2. Negotiation and filing the case

Once we have determined that it is a good idea to move forward with the case, we may try to negotiate a settlement with the other party involved. Sometimes, getting a settlement before the case even starts is the best option because it saves both parties time and money. If we cannot do that, then we will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

3. Conducting discovery

The next step in the process is to conduct written and oral discovery. We ask the other side questions about the case and take depositions of people involved in the case. Depositions are similar to asking a witness questions in court, but it is slightly more informal. This information-gathering process is in preparation for trial.

4. Trial preparation or alternative dispute resolutions

Throughout the discovery process and while preparing for trial, our team attempts to work with the other side to come to an agreeable settlement. If we cannot accomplish that, then our legal team will be fully prepared to represent you and your interests at trial. Other alternative dispute resolution techniques, including mediation or settlement conferences, may be an option as well.

5. Trial

If all of our settlement negotiations or alternative dispute resolution efforts are unsuccessful, then your personal injury case may go to trial. You might be asked to testify at trial about your accident, your injuries, and how your injuries have affected your life and those around you.

This general outline provides a birds-eye-view of the personal injury claim process. Because every case is unique, your case progression may vary from this generalized outline.

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