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How to Fight for Survival Rights in Wrongful Death

Have you or someone you know experienced a wrongful death in your family? Wrongful deaths can be due to a number of different accidents such as malpractice, vehicle accidents, or even accidents that occur on a premises, just to name a few. Wrongful deaths, however painful, can also mean rights to surviving family members. Contact the law office of Fetterman & Associates today to find out how your family may be entitled to rights following a wrongful death. How to Fight for Survival Rights in Wrongful Death Survivors that have been impacted by a wrongful death of a family member or friend no doubt experience great pain, grief, and most survivors’ worst nightmares, especially since most wrongful death incidents are often unexpected. All in all, if you have lost a family member in an accident that has occurred in the state of Florida, then you may have the legal rights to ensure accountability for your unexpected and devastating loss. Under Florida state law, survival action is a legal response from surviving family members associated with a victim who is deceased due to the negligence of another party. Survivors can seek the legal advice and assistance of a personal injury attorney in order to continue the deceased victim’s claims. A survival action is a lawsuit that the deceased person could have been entitled to should he or she still be alive. For example, if a victim was harmed in a motor vehicle accident on behalf of another party who was perhaps under the influence, and the victim suffered severe injuries, but survived, then he or she would have the right to sue the other party. In the cases where an individual dies from the accident, then that right is passed along to a surviving family member to fight on behalf of the now deceased victim. Fetterman& Associates team of legal professionals specialize in the area of personal injuries that result in wrongful death. A living relative or family member of the deceased victim has a legal right to sue for the loss and damages due to the wrongful death. Losses may include the loss of life of a loved one, the loss of support and companionship, and even financial loss and other damages associated with wrongful death. It is important to note, however, that the state of Florida limits the number of losses claimed per suit, so be sure to consult with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney for guidance in this area. All in all, the professional legal team of Fetterman& Associates has a great deal of experience in the realm of personal injury and wrongful death. Contact a professional legal team member for a free, no-obligation consultation on personal injury and wrongful death, and to see how legal representation can assist with survival rights related to wrongful death.

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If you are unsure of how or if you qualify for survival rights or if you have the right to sue or take legal action against a third party who was deemed negligent and, therefore, responsible for wrongful death, be sure to visit our website for more information on personal injury and wrongful death. Be sure to also check out how our West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney can help represent you, as well as our clients’ testimonials on how their cases were managed and handled, and the overall outcomes. Lawteam-Consult for Free Consultation