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How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Many of the rules when driving an automobile are common knowledge. Drivers are aware that stop signs mean stop, crosswalks are for passing pedestrians, and the speed limit is not merely a suggestion. If the rules of the road are followed correctly, fewer accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, with aggressive and distracted drivers, the street can be a scary place, and a pedestrian accident waiting to happen.

Along with following the basic rules of driving, here are a few tips that individuals can follow that can prevent accidents involving pedestrians from children to cyclists.

How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident


Slow Down: Slowing down or yielding can give you time to view where the pedestrian is at or when the light is going to change to red. If the light turns yellow, do not speed up. Often times a pedestrian will begin to cross as the light turns from yellow to red, so speeding up can be a sure way to cause an accident, especially if the driver is distracted by talking on the phone, adjusting the radio, or texting the top cause of accidents today in our digital society.

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Yielding at the sign of pedestrians can give them enough time to cross the road as well as give time for the driver to stop in case of an emergency.

Weather Factor: The weather can have a major effect on the road and driving. If the roads are wet, be sure to slow down at the first spotting of a pedestrian. If the tires on the vehicle are not at their best, the possibility of sliding or hitting a slick spot can cause the vehicle to shoot forward or even roll over in the event of hydroplaning.

Rain can also cause impaired visibility just as much as the bright sun and solar glares can. Driving the speed limit or slower on rainy and windy days can put the vehicle at its highest standards, giving the driver the ability to suddenly stop if required to.

Beware of Your Surroundings: While it’s easy to get in the car, start it up, blast the radio, and just cruise, don’t forget how important it is for a driver to take note of his or her surroundings. For example, if driving through a school zone during drop off or peak dismissal times, follow the posted speeds—they are posted for a reason. Children are less likely to follow the rules of the crosswalk or be aware of oncoming cars, so paying close attention to pedestrians is crucial to preventing an accident.

Drivers should also take note of signs that imply deaf or blind children are in the area. While these pedestrians are aware themselves to avoid the road and oncoming cars, accidents can still occur.

Extra Tips: Some obvious but important tips to remember to help prevent pedestrian accidents can also include:

  • Always stop for pedestrians even without a crosswalk
  • Slow down for children playing
  • Never drink and drive or drive under the influence
  • Never use drugs, prescription or illicit, and drive
  • Be wary of other drivers and your surroundings

Hire a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident, it is important to know that this journey does not have to be taken alone. Accidents and injuries can severely impact lives when they easily can be avoided. However, accidents do happen.

Therefore, having the help and assistance of an experienced and personal injury lawyer West Palm Beach can help get you the justice and settlement that you deserve as well as guide you with care through the process.

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