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How The Affordable Care Act Affects Medical Malpractice in the Future

How will The Affordable Care Act affect medical malpractice in the future?  This is an important question because medical malpractice is a huge issue in the United States. The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act essentially excluded medical malpractice from its legislation. First of all, what is The Act? It accomplishes several key goals:

● Pair all uninsured citizens with health insurance

● Eliminate the denial of insurance for specific individuals

● Prevent providers from charging more for pre-existing conditions

● Create more affordable coverage for, in particular, individuals and families with low incomes

● Prompt companies to provide employees health insurance

● Eliminate deductibles and co-pays with certain forms of healthcare

This Act is not taking effect all at once, rather being put into place slowly so that the healthcare industry and citizens can adapt properly. Medical malpractice law is at the forefront of consideration when it comes to how the effects of this Act will change the landscape of healthcare. Please consider hiring our personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach today to right the wrong perpetrated against you.

Senate & Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice in the Future

The Senate has identified important points it feels relate to medical malpractice and the Act. Amongst these are the opportunity to better address problems associated with liability insurance and medical malpractice; the provision of alternative solutions which improve access to liability insurance, protect the right of each citizen to file a medical malpractice claim, encourage ruling of disputes that are proper, and promote the safety of all patients. The Senate also made note of the need for Congress to consider forming a program which, in regards to medical malpractice cases, evaluates alternatives to the current civil litigation program.

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How Medical Malpractice Will Change

Any statement about The Act’s affect on medical malpractice is of course just a predication at this point, but it’s helpful knowledge nonetheless. More medical malpractice claims will be filed because 20-40 million more people will have access to health care, for example. This is one position, while some say free clinics and emergency rooms already took care of these people previously, making the claim number the same. Still others say the amount of claims will decrease because of the increase in preventative care.

Absent Solutions

Some legal analysis say that some solutions are absent from the Act, or that present solutions are otherwise limiting. For example, alternative causes of medical malpractice claims are not tackled, such as medical errors. An informed consent program has also been suggested, requiring a healthcare provider to get permission from the patient before taking any action. Some also claim that higher medical malpractice rates will result from the free-market option of the Act.

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