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Going through a Settlement? Avoid Social Media or Risk Sabotaging Your Case

Avoid Social Media or risk sabotaging your case

Social media is a popular fixture in most of our lives today. We tweet about our feelings, share what is going on in our families, at work, and even upload pictures. But, did you know that social media could sabotage your personal injury case? What you post on social media can go viral and not only violate the terms of your settlement agreement, but force the courts to throw out your case altogether.

So, before you start tweeting or using Facebook, think of these three ways social media can ruin your case.

Violating Confidentiality Agreements and Terms

Most personal injury settlements have some form of non-disclosure. This means you cannot discuss the details of your settlement (including social media posts) with anyone. If you are required to refrain from discussing the terms of your settlement, do not announce anything on social media. Any mention of your case – including a statement that you won, received a favorable verdict, etc. – could result in a judge dismissing your case and your settlement going out the window.


Self Incrimination

During a personal injury case, your entire life is under review by the courts and the opposing party. This means anything you do could be used against you in court. Posting photos or videos on social media sites could actually hurt your case. For example, you are suing someone for a car accident, claiming that you are disabled. But, then you post a picture of you playing football just a week after the accident, showing that you are clearly not disabled.

Even if you are not defrauding the other party, and you are truly injured, photos and videos you post could be misconstrued for fraud.


You may be tempted to blast the guilty party or company responsible for your injuries. But doing so could ruin your personal injury case. You do have the legal right to share your opinion, but the other party could return with a defamation of character suit or use your bitter or threatening messages as a way to deny a settlement.

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Consult with Your Attorney

personal injury attorney

Your attorney is your best resource for how you should behave during a personal injury case. Most likely, your attorney will advise you against using social media – and of course, prohibit you from mentioning anything regarding your case online.

Because social media can be detrimental to the outcome of your case, you need an attorney to advise you throughout the process. Contact the experienced West Palm beach personal injury lawyers at the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates, PA today for a free consultation regarding your personal injury case. Even if you have been caught using social media inappropriately, our team may be able to still negotiate a settlement and help you get the retribution you deserve. Call us today at 561-845-2510 to speak with an attorney now.

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