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Florida Truck Accidents May Increase Due to Driver Shortages in 2014

So often truck accidents and personal injuries to other drivers and to pedestrians are caused by either truck driver fatigue or inexperience. There’s a problem looming that may cause truck collisions to increase due to both fatigue and inexperience. These include a shortage of drivers and new regulations governing the trucking industry.

Truck Driver Age Issues

Florida Truck Accidents May Increase

Driver shortages in the trucking industry are related to numerous issues, including the aging population in the U.S. The median age for Americans according to the U.S. census in 2000 was 35.3. In 2010, it stood at 37.2, and the fact is we are not getting any younger. In some regions, it is at 40 years old. Estimates say that since the census in 2010, the population’s median age is close to 39 years.

With an aging population, the number of competent drivers who are able to deal with the physical and mental rigors of driving a commercial truck will continue to shrink.

Shrinking Commercial Trucking Workforce

Another problem has to do with the shrinking labor force in the U.S. This is linked to age, and in terms of fewer truck drivers being available, it is connected to people migrating to white collar jobs and the high tech industry.

Big Rig Truck Driver Turnover Rate

The trucking industry has a high turnover rate. In 2012, during the third quarter, the turnover rate was 104% according to the ­­ American Trucking Association, with some positions seeing a change more than one during that short time. That’s an alarming figure when connected to commercial truck driving accidents where a large percentage of accidents are attributed to driver inexperience.

More 18 Wheeler Drivers Needed

New regulations mean that more drivers are needed, which, once again, may result in drivers who are not experienced enough driving commercial trucks and being put into situations for which they are not ready. New rules have lowered the number of hours of service per week that a driver may put in by 12%. Jobs should be plentiful, but who will fill them and how long will they stay in them? Plus, there are always those times when drivers violate rules concerning hour of service, which does occur.

Florida 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

Florida, which ships large amounts of produce and various products all over the country, is a major player in the trucking industry. Concerns regarding shortages and a rise in truck accidents and personal injury claims are based on trends, facts, and factors that indicate there will be greater stress and strain on those who drive.

If you have been injured due to a commercial truck driver’s negligence, which may be connected to distracted operation, fatigue, inexperience, or other issues, it’s important to contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law. If you have questions concerning injuries and losses associated with a commercial truck accident, contact the Law Team at Fetterman and Associates at 561-845-2510. You may also contact us by filling out the form on the right side of this page.

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