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Fetterman & Associates, PA Have Announced the New Redesign of Website

August 18th, 2015

Port St. Lucie, Florida. On August 18th, 2015, Fetterman & Associates, PA has announced the new redesign of their website www.lawteam.com.

Fetterman & Associates, PA is a law firm with offices spanning from West Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie, and specializes in personal injury—from car accidents to premises liability accidents to wrongful death claims.

Fetterman & Associates, PA has been in practice for over forty years and continues to take on a number of new clients and case loads, adding to their proven successful track record, and seeking the best possible legal outcome and settlements for clients.

Fetterman & Associates, PA is owned and operated by attorney Evan Fetterman and his legal partner, attorney Arthur Cavataro. Fetterman and Cavataro have an impressive team of junior associates and paralegals, all specializing in the areas of personal injury and all committed to serving clients.

Fetterman & Associates, PA takes pride in serving a diverse client base and assisting them with their legal needs. In order to better serve their clients, Fetterman & Associates, PA is also proud to offer a more conducive website for their clients and audiences, which offers more videos on various topics ranging from personal injury to why working with the Fetterman law team can help clients with their cases.

The Fetterman legal team believes this new design and layout will provide users with more “click-able” options and will be more navigable and easier to find information.

Evan Fetterman comments, “We are extremely excited about our new site design and layout. We believe this will better serve our clients and potential clients who are concerned about their legal situations and are looking for information. Our team here at Fetterman & Associates, PA all firmly agree that having a functional, informative website that truly reaches our client and audiences is a valuable asset.”

To check out the new website design, please visit www.lawteam.com. And for more information on Fetterman & Associates, PA and their practice areas, contact the legal team at the Palm Beach office today at 561-845-2510.



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