Fetterman & Associates, PA 2nd Annual $1000 Scholarship Project

Fetterman & Associates, PA 2nd Annual $1000 Scholarship Project


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2nd Annual $1000 Scholarship Project
2nd Annual $1000 Scholarship Project

Fetterman & Associates, PA

2nd Annual $1000 Scholarship Project!

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – Fetterman & Associates, PA The Law Team, headquartered in North Palm Beach, FL with additional offices in Port St. Lucie and mobile offices is preparing for this year’s FETTERMAN & ASSOCIATES, PA SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT. As we look back on last year’s winners, the students honored their teachers with inspirational essays. Amanda Grohowski of Lincoln Park Academy essay told of a little girl who discovered her love of the violin from Dr. John Enyart. Garrett Albury of Martin County High School essay expressed gratitude for the direction and support Mr. Joshua Moberg gave him in the architecture industry.

Emily Kubacki of Sebastian River High Schoolessay explained the dedication Ms. Michele Holmes has to make sure every student knows they can make a difference. Brandon Scott Jacksonof Sebastian River High Schoolessay detailed the selflessness of Dr. William Hanna who inspires his students to appreciate life and all that it has to offer them. And, Jake Menendez of Okeechobee High School essay honored Mrs. Wendy Reister who guided him into a career change that ultimately rewarded him as class Valedictorian.

“My wife, Beth and I developed the Scholarship Project because we believe that education is the backbone to our democracy.” Stated Evan Fetterman.”We are looking forward to this year’s Scholarship Project.” To see last year’s awards video and pictures go to www.fettermaninthecommunity.com. Details of this year’s Scholarship Project and topic of original essay will be unveiled on January 6, 2015 on our website devlawteam.wpengine.com/scholarship.


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