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Don’t Let the Use of Dangerous Products Come Back to Haunt You this Halloween

Whether your costume has been planned for months or you’re running to the drug store to pull off a last minute transformation, dressing up for Halloween often means covering your face, body, hair or all of the above in some type of goop, paint or other substance. You may even consider some creepy contact lenses — slit pupils or spiraling orbs — to put the finishing touch on your costume. But beware of side-effects associated with these products, and watch out for dangerous products wearing their own disguise: harmless Halloween fun.

Dangerous Halloween Items Targeted by the FDA

Use of Dangerous Products Come Back to Haunt You

Most people don’t want to spend too much money on a Halloween costume, and manufacturers and retailers respond by producing and selling all kinds of cheap Halloween paraphernalia. When products are made quickly and cheaply the likelihood of potentially dangerous items finding their way to consumers increases. Over the years, masks, costume accessories, Halloween toys and candy have all been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after they were found to be dangerous to the consuming public.
A nationwide brand of face paint, Fun Express, is one example of a Halloween product that was recalled after it was found to cause rashes, itchiness, burning sensations and swelling. In one case, a group of children were exposed to the contaminated face paint at an organized event.
The FDA also warns consumers of the dangers of using decorative contact lenses without proper professional involvement. Recent legislation has made it illegal to market decorative contact lenses as over-the-counter products, but they are still readily available from many retailers, especially near Halloween, including beauty salons, “head” shops, and flea markets, as well as the Internet. Using non-prescription decorative contacts can lead to many types of eye injuries, including:

Corneal ulcers
Corneal abrasion
Vision impairment

If an individual suffers a serious eye injury from decorative contacts, there may be a claim against either the manufacturer or seller, depending on the circumstances of the purchase and use of the lenses.

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When it comes to medical devices like contact lenses, or products intended for children, it is important to hold manufacturers and retailers accountable for producing and selling dangerous products. If you live in southeast Florida and have been harmed by a dangerous product, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Fetterman & Associates for a free initial consultation. We serve Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties.

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