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Disabilities Can Result From Substance Abuse

Yes, it is true — substance abuse can cause disabilities. These disabilities therefore can quality a person for Medicaid/Medicare benefits, as well as Social Security Disability. Addiction Treatment Magazine published a recent study noting that abusers eventually develop permanent damage of some type for which they can receive benefits. The truth is this is a terrible situation, but at least help is available.

The problems developed by substance abusers include physical or behavioral changes. Substances affect the central nervous system of a person, causing conditions like seizures, pancreatitis, gastritis, liver damage, peripheral neuropathies, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive syndrome, and organic mental disorders. Are you ready to move forward with your case? Hire a social security disability attorney today.

Determining Disability Permanence

The Social Security Administration must pay benefits to those with substance addiction disorders as long as the condition which qualifies — including those listed above — remains. As a result, the permanence of drug and alcohol addiction must be determined.

The severity of disorders like anxiety and depression can be difficult to determine because the time it takes the abuser to go through therapy, gain the benefits of drugs and get sober varies greatly. If a permanent disability results from using drugs, abusers can receive Medicare and Medicaid substance abuse benefits. Approval is needs-based and many abusers can qualify for work-based SSD benefits via Medicare after a couple years.

Types of Benefits

The types of benefits available include SSI or Social Security Income and SSDI or Social Security Disability Income. Their eligibility requirements are different but both define disabled in the same way. In order to be placed under consideration you must have had your condition for at least 12 months and it must be determined that it will last for another year at a minimum.

The other qualification is that the substance abuse threatens the abuser with possible death. Earning a living must be prevented by the drug abuse, indicating the severity of its impact upon the life of the abuser.


Unfortunately fraudulence has lead the SSA to become more stringent about benefit distribution, even for those who truly need the benefits. Fraudulence is often seen in small amounts and thus used as an excuse to not pay out benefits to the needy in all types of social programs — not just those related to substance abuse.

Political motivations on both sides of the aisle call for a reduction in government expenditures of these types. What this means for the truly needy substance abusers is lower payouts and more work to get those payouts.

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Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney Now

You need a social security disability benefits attorney with the experience to get you the benefits you need. Do not let yourself get grouped with those committing fraud, contact the Law Team at Fetterman & Associates today.

The process of getting your benefits can be very complicated and in order to receive benefits it’s crucial you complete it correctly, including appeals, how disability is defined by the SSA, and what causes the SSA to reject benefits.

The Social Security Administration has more incentive to pay you than to not, but with an attorney at your side you can fight for your rights. Contact The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates now.

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