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Denied Claim for Social Security Disability? Call an Attorney

Unfortunately, social security disability claims are denied every day. If you are denied, you may think that you have no other options. It can be incredibly frustrating to receive a denial, but it does not mark the end of the road. In fact, you can appeal up to three times. But, before you start preparing your appeal, you may want to enlist the help of an attorney.
Denied Claim for Social Security Disability
Denied Claim for Social Security Disability

Appeals: A Complex Three-Tier Process

There are three levels to an appeal, and each one gets more complicated. If your claim is denied, you automatically go to the Appeals Council review and have three appeal chances to get the denial reversed: reconsideration, a hearing, and a review by the council.

Get Legal Assistance with Your Appeal

If you didn’t have legal assistance with your initial application, then this may be a reason for your denial. Social security disability applications are very complex, and all it takes is one mistake to have your claim denied. Regardless of your reasons for not having an attorney help you with the application, you should have an attorney help you with your appeal. An attorney can review the initial application and figure out what you need for the appeal.

Why Were You Denied?

If you are disabled according to the guidelines provided by Social Security, there are still various reasons your claim could be denied. Some possible reasons could include leaving out a key piece of medical history, not providing your doctor’s address or contact information, or even addressing your condition. Having an expert review your application and help you file could eliminate these simple mistakes. Also, an attorney can get a decision faster during the appeals process than you can on your own, which will speed up the time in which you can receive benefits. Because of recent cuts, benefits already can take an extended period of time (learn more here). If you end up going to a hearing, you will have an attorney there to protect your rights and represent your case, which can take a significant strain off you.

Denied Claim? Contact an Attorney Now

If your claim was denied, you still have options. Contact West Palm Beach social security disability attorney and personal injury experts at Fetterman & Associates, PA. We offer free consultations and can assist you with your disability insurance application. Call 561-983-4771 for your appointment. Lawteam-Consult for Free Consultation