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Defective Equipment Causing Truck Accidents

Truck accidents aren’t always caused by driving negligence. Every day poorly maintained trucks alone lead to deadly and serious collisions. As a matter of fact, the Department of Transportation has reports that show nearly 30 percent of all collisions are caused by malfunctions with a truck’s brake system.

The Department of Transportation, in 2010, instituted a CSA (Compliance Safety Accountability) program to further ensure the security of big rigs on our nation’s highways. Every truck has to be CSA compliant, and a large portion of that compliance is making sure that trucks are maintained properly.

Tires, lighting, and braking must be three main aspects of the maintenance schedule of a truck. A poorly lit or unlit truck, failed brakes, or busted tire all could lead to accidents.

Defective Equipment Causing Truck Accidents

The CSA program expects motorists to regularly check these main components prior to driving a truck. If the truck’s CSA ratings indicate recurrent issues with tires, lights, or brakes, someone may be held liable for negligence within the instance of a collision which causes death or severe injury.

However, who’s held liable? The liability may lie with multiple parties:

Truck driver: If a driver of a truck was responsible for regularly inspecting his or her truck yet was negligent in doing this, he or she might be responsible for your injuries.

Trucking company: If a truck driver reported an issue to the trucking company yet they did not repair it, or if the company was responsible for rig maintenance and inspection, they might be liable for all accidents.

Parts manufacturer: If the brakes or additional parts were correctly inspected and maintained yet failed due to a defect in manufacturing, the manufacturer might be liable.

Traumatic brain injury, chronic back problems, and severe disabilities all are long term issues which can occur in victims fortunate enough to survive truck accidents.Emotional and physical maladies that result from a collision deserve compensation for lifestyle changes, medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

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If you’ve been injured in a collision, or if you’ve lost a family member to a truck accident, you may qualify for a proper settlement. Poorly maintained trucks may be the reason for the accident. Contact a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents as soon as you can to assist in ensuring adequate compensation for all injuries.

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