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The Debate Over Self-Driving Cars Now Includes a Moral Component

Self-Driving Cars

Plenty of research studies have analyzed the potential benefits of self-driving cars, but there have also been other research studies indicating that despite these benefits, consumers simply are not interested in automated cars.

That being said, Google and other companies are still working to bring these vehicles to the roadways, presenting curious legal and ethical questions.

Have you been injured recently in a car accident caused by human error?

If so, did you know that you might be able to file a legal claim for compensation? Reach out to an experienced West Palm Beach vehicle accident attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.

Your medical bills and other impacts from the accident can make your life much more difficult due to someone else’s recklessness, and if those bills have exceeded PIP caps, you could be eligible to pursue a separate claim against the responsible party.

According to a recent research study, taking the human component out of the driving equation can make it difficult for a vehicle to respond to an ethical dilemma.

Selfdriving Cars Graphic

Car crashes in the United States have been associated with more than 4.5 million serious injuries in 2015 and more than 40,000 traffic fatalities.

More than 90% of the car crashes in the United States were due to human mistakes or errors. With self-driving vehicles, that human component is completely removed.

Computer-driven cars, however, will have to make moral decisions when facing two bad outcomes. These includes situations in which a pedestrian or a passenger’s safety could be prioritized over the driver.

2,000 subjects in a recent research study indicated that they would choose for an autonomous car to value their own life as a passenger as opposed to a pedestrian.

Three researchers analyzed 2,000 individuals in the United States and France asking for more information on how these individuals would like self-driving cars to behave.

This research study is the most recent version of what’s known as the trolley problem – a classic scenario usually explored in psychological studies and ethical debates.

The trolley problem refers to a situation in which an individual has to make a decision between steering a runaway trolley on to an alternative track where one individual will be killed versus slamming into five people currently tied to the track.

In the autonomous car’s study version of this trolley problem, more than three quarters of participants indicated that they would like their autonomous vehicles to respond to crashes in a utilitarian manner, choosing the action that would save the most lives.

Passenger injuries present unique legal issues, particularly if the accident was caused by the driver in your car and yet you have sustained severe injuries as a result of that crash.

You could have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in Florida against that individual, but it is often difficult to determine your next steps if this person is a family member or a friend.

Consulting with a Florida personal injury lawyer is the best way to get all of the facts about the situation and to determine what is the most appropriate step for you to take next.

Passenger injuries can be severe. A recent research study, for example, indicated that SUV vehicles that had passed driver side safety test did not have the same level of safety protection for passengers inside the vehicle.

Passengers in the front seat as well as the back seat may suffer critical medical consequences in the event of a car accident, leading to costly medical bills and even making it impossible for you to ever return to work.

That’s why Florida personal injury law protects you in the event that you need to move forward with a claim to recover compensation to help with the many ways that a car crash can change your life.

Don’t Wait to Call a West Palm Beach Vehicle Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Case

After an accident, you have rights. It might be tempting to think that your insurance company will help you recover what you need after a West Palm Beach accident, but you need someone in your corner concerned about how the accident will impact you over the long run.

The best person to have in your corner during this time is a West Palm Beach vehicle accident attorney.

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