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Dangerous Driving in Jupiter

Drivers today are too focused on other things such as driving while talking or texting on a phone, playing with the radio or GPS, or even talking to Siri. But what if you are a safe driver who abstains from doing those things but you are pelted with an unknown object? Over the weekend, several drivers in Jupiter, Florida reported objects being thrown at their vehicles. Two drivers reported having rocks thrown at them as they traveled along Central Boulevard Saturday afternoon, September 26th. Shockingly, another female driver reported a bullet-sized hole in her windshield. It is unknown whether the bullet hole was of a pellet or BB gun. Regardless of where these incidents occurred, residents in the community are greatly concerned for their safety and the safety of their vehicles. Investigating officers are also concerned. While no injuries have yet been reported, they are worried someone will eventually get hurt or a child could be involved in an accident. Being pelted with an object will driving could certainly lead a driver to lose control in an instant and drive off the road. At this time, police are still investigating these incidents, but they caution residents in the community to travel carefully along these roadways and to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity that could relate to these incidents. While we hope no one is severely injured in these incidents, it may be helpful to have a personal injury attorney to consult with in the even of an accident. While these incidents could easily escalate into a crime, so far, only reports of property damage to the drivers’ vehicles have been reported. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can ensure that your rights are protected and that you are entitled to a settlement that can help pay for damage to your vehicle. Call to action for car aacident attorney