Common Teen Driving Accidents 

 car accident attorneysDid you know that in the initial six months after a teen gets their driver’s license, the risk of getting into an accident is highest? It’s estimated that one in five teenagers will be in an accident within 12 months of receiving their license. Some of the reasons that new drivers are so much more at risk for an accident are related to distraction and inexperience. 

In some situations, the incident will not be your teen’s fault. In these cases, you have the right to recover compensation from the at-fault driver. Our car accident attorneys from Fetterman Law can help you recover the compensation you deserve for the damages and injuries your teen sustained. 

Reasons Teens are Dangerous Behind the Wheel

Your child’s 16th birthday comes with danger and freedom. In Florida (and many other states), this is when your teen can acquire their driver’s license. This means they can drive alone (without an adult in the vehicle). Some of the more privileged children may even receive a new or new to them vehicle for their birthday. Unfortunately, this new freedom and responsibility also come with inherent danger. If you are the parent of a young, inexperienced driver, it’s good to understand some of the most dangerous situations for young drivers. 

Nighttime Driving

Teen drivers are in more danger while driving at night. The fatal crash rate for teens is about four times higher for nighttime driving than daytime driving. One reason for this is driver inexperience. 

Usually, teens don’t have a lot of experience driving at night when they turn 16. After all, most driver’s education courses are taught during the day. Also, most parents only allow their teens to drive when conditions are optimal. 

It’s important for parents to train new drivers during less-than-optimal conditions, too. This means allowing them to practice driving when it rains and at night. Even though adults are used to driving at night, the dark often changes depth perception. It’s important for a teen to learn to account for these changes. The only way for a teen to improve their driving proficiency at night is by practicing. 

Driving While Other Teens are in the Vehicle

Unlike other states, Florida doesn’t have a graduated teen driver’s license. This means once a teen receives their license at 16, there are no restrictions on when they can drive. 

However, even with this type of license, it doesn’t eliminate the dangers of having other teens in the vehicle. 

Teens are extremely distracted. Young and inexperienced drivers with a car of other teens can result in disaster. In Florida, there’s no restriction on how many people can be in the vehicle when a new driver is behind the wheel. Because of this, it’s up to parents to implement rules and restrict the number of people who can ride with their teens. This will help reduce the possibility of an accident significantly. 

Texting or Talking While Driving

It’s been found that teens are up to 16 times more likely to be involved in an accident when they use handheld devices compared to more seasoned drivers. Texting or talking on a phone increases reaction time because it may cause their eyes to leave the road for as much as five seconds. When a driver’s eyes leave the road, the vehicle will travel the distance of a football field. Parents need to reiterate how important it is for their teens to never text, talk, and drive. 

The Use of Seat Belts

There is a seat belt law in Florida. While this is true, many younger drivers ignore the law almost every time they get in a vehicle. Most of the time, if a younger driver is killed in a car accident, they are found to not be wearing their seatbelt. While teens can be fined for not doing this, it’s important for parents to encourage them to buckle up each time they get behind the wheel. 

Let Our Car Accident Attorneys Help You

For many parents, relinquishing control and allowing their teens to get behind the wheel without them is challenging. From the information and statistics above, it’s clear why this is the case. 

It’s important for parents to ensure their teen knows how to stay safe on the road to prevent an accident. If your teen is involved in an accident or if you are involved in an accident with a teen driver, you have rights. Our car accident attorneys at Fetterman Law are here to help you with your case and ensure you receive justice and the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your case and determine how to move forward.