Common Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

The fallout that can occur from a long-term injury can be significant. There are so many different injuries and conditions out there that can cause a person to be unable to work. Social Security Disability is designed to help people who cannot work due to injuries and illnesses. With all of the different myths and misinformation going around about Social Security Disability, it is important you take the time to learn the hard facts about what this government agency does. Below are some of the most common myths and misconceptions most people have about this government program.

Myth #1: I am Young and Healthy, Why Do I Need to Worry about Disability?

As the old saying go, “youth is wasted on the young.” Some people have the misconception that Social Security Disability is just a program for older people who haven’t taken care of themselves. With over 2.6 million disability claims filed each year, young people are definitely at risk of being rendered unable to work due to injury. Taking the time to learn more about what this government agency does is the best way to be prepared should you find yourself in need of disability benefits.

Myth #2: Most People Who Receive Disability Benefits Are Not Really Disabled

Another common misconception some people have is that disability benefits are received by people who have learned to scam the system. The extreme vetting process put in place by the Social Security Administration helps to ensure only people who need these benefits receive them. Nearly 1.8 million people are denied disability benefits each year. This means they are a lot harder to obtain than most people think. In most cases, you will need to seek out some legal advice to get the disability benefits you are entitled to.

Myth #3: People With Serious Diseases Have to Wait A Long Time For Disability Benefits

Some people think that everyone, regardless of what ailments and illnesses they have, will be required to wait a long time to get disability benefits. This is not the case due to the Compassionate Allowances program instituted by the Social Security Administration. When a person’s condition is so dire that they obviously meet disability standards, they are awarded these allowances right away.

Myth #4: There is No Rhyme or Reason to the Amount of Disability Benefits Awarded

The Social Security Administration has a very specific formula they use to figure out how much a person will get in disability benefits each month. This formula takes into account the lifetime earnings a person has garnered when figuring out how much money they will receive each money. The average disabled person in America receives around $1,224 a month in benefits.

Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

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