Understanding the Most Common Daycare Injuries and What Rights You Have as a Parent

If you are like many parents, you may find it difficult to leave your child at daycare. However, you do this, believing that your child will be well-cared for and that the daycare has taken the necessary safety precautions to ensure that no harm comes to them. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries at daycare can and do happen. In some cases, the accidents cause debilitating injuries, which can affect the entire family. Keep reading to find out what options you have

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What is a Negligent Security Case?

So many accidents that occur on another premise are due to the negligence in security on the part of a third party or local business. It is an unfortunate situation that happens far too often throughout the state of Florida. These accidents could be helped and even avoided if local businesses and venues maintained proper security measures. What most victims aren’t aware of is that often times these attacks warrant legal issues, and not solely in the case of an

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