Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases – What You Need To Know About Them

You are more likely to get involved in an accident when riding a motorcycle than a car. The chances of getting serious injuries from such an accident are extremely high. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have incurred losses or injuries, hiring a lawyer to help you receive compensation is especially important. In this article, we will discuss motorcycle accidents and advise you on where to find the best motorcycle accident lawyers. Differences Between Motorcycle and Car

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Laws And Regulations For Florida Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents in Florida can result in serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. As a biker, it is important to take action to reduce your risks. Our West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyers want you to be aware of motorcycle helmet laws and other regulations for Florida motorcyclists designed to help protect you. Florida motorcycle accident statistics According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), more than 9,000 motorcycle accidents happen throughout the state each year and other motorists are

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Is A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Always Necessary?

No matter where you live in Florida, it’s possible that you see people riding motorcycles throughout the rural roads and towns. While this is a fun and fulfilling experience, a motorcycle can prove fatal when you get involved in a crash mainly because they lack the safety features that one enjoys while driving in a vehicle. Most motorcyclists are well aware of this reality and often take all measures to avoid accidents. Sadly, motorcycle crashes still happen, and Florida records

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Top 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Riding a motorcycle has always been a dream for many people. It is a fun and fulfilling experience. However, it also requires attention and care. Motorcycle riding is 28 times less safe compared to car driving and requires a unique set of skills. To ride safely, you need many hours of practice and implement the following safety tips. 1. Wear a helmet always  A recent study by the Institute for Highway Safety, functional helmets have a 37 percent effectiveness rate

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Common Causes of Motorcycles Crashes

Did you know that for every mile traveled, a motorcyclist is about 28 times more likely to die? Unlike a car, there is no barrier between the rider and the road; nor are there nearly as many technology-driven safety features aimed at keeping motorcyclists safe as there are for those driving in other common vehicles. Here are a few additional reasons why motorcycles can be dangerous. They are smaller, and therefore less visible to cars. Road hazards can have a

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Who’s Responsible for Your Motorcycle Crash Injuries?

After a vehicle crash in Florida, injured parties typically seek compensation for medical bills and lost wages through their own personal injury protection policy. However, motorcyclists must follow a different process to recoup their losses. PIP Does Not Cover Motorcyclists In Florida, personal injury protection coverage is not available to motorcyclists. Some drivers believe that the PIP policy they have for their car or truck will also cover any injuries they sustain while riding their motorcycle. Motorcycles are excluded from

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Motorcycle Accidents a Year Round Risk in West Palm Beach

While May is designated as Motorcycle Safety Month, in the state of Florida motorcycle accidents are a danger year-round. Motorcycles are extremely popular in the Sunshine State due to the ideal year-round weather, the great scenery and the long stretches of flat roads.  Unfortunately, with the number of motorcycles on the highways, motorcycle accidents are all-too-common. According to the NHTSA, the state of Florida had the highest number of motorcycle accident fatalities in 2015 at 577. Despite the fact that

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5 Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Every time you turn on the news, there are new reports of catastrophic motorcycle accidents. An early morning crash in Miami left six dead in August. After a car stopped to help a motorcyclist involved in a minor accident, a van swerved onto the shoulder, hitting the car and several people standing on the side of the road. The van collided with another stopped car, pushing it into the motorcycle. In total, the crash left six people dead. The van

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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Motorcycle accidents are a startlingly frequent occurrence on the nation’s roads. In fact, almost 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2017. The fatality rate for motorcycles is 28 times higher than passenger vehicles, and according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorcyclists make up 14% of all motor vehicle-related fatalities nationwide.  In Florida, 18% of traffic fatalities in 2014 were motorcyclists. Contributing Factors in Motorcycle Accidents  There are multiple reasons that motorcycle accidents are more common and often more serious

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Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so here are some Motorcycle safety tips. Motorcycle-related deaths have risen significantly since 2000. This is not surprising, given that motorcycle ownership is at an all-time high.  At Fetterman & Associates, we know that all too often, motorcyclists are on the losing end of a motorcycle/car crash. We remind drivers to start seeing motorcycles! Motorcycle Crash Statistics In 2015 alone, almost 5,000 motorcycle riders and passengers were killed in crashes.  Furthermore, 88,000 suffered nonfatal injuries. 

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Highway Safety: 5 Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

It is a no-brainer that truck accidents can cause rather devastating and lasting injuries. According to a report issued by the United States Department of Transportation, close to 3,964 people died and over 95,000 were injured in crashes that involved commercial and other large trucks in the year 2013. However, like most other accidents, truck accidents can be prevented. Listed below are a few tips to avoid truck accidents. Driving Tips to Help Prevent Truck Accidents Once you have managed

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Florida Needs SMART Motorcycle Riders

The month of May is very appropriately designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Spring is in the air and many motorcycle enthusiasts are taking to the highways in large numbers, most of them for the first time this year. “Safety first” is what anyone who climbs on a motorcycle must be thinking. In a study conducted from 2003 to 2018 on Florida crash statistics, motorcycles accounted for 36 percent of all single vehicle accidents. That is a motorcycle hitting a

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Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

The warmer weather of summer is just right around the corner. As the temperature outside heats up, more and more motorcycle owners will hit the road. Hitting the road on your bike is a thrill and a great way to clear your mind. This hobby does come with a great deal of danger. Each year, nearly 88.000 people are injured on motorcycles. Being involved in this type of accident can be very damaging to both your motorcycle and your body.

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Improve Visibility with New Motorcycle Safety Equipment and Gear

Visibility is one of the biggest worries when considering the hazards associated with riding a motorcycle. This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida. This, along with the fact that 32% of motorcyclists in Florida believing they should not have to wear a helmet while on the road, leads to accidents being severe if not devastating when they occur. Due to the large number of devastating motorcycle accidents that occur in Florida, and all across the

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