Injury Claims & Additur: A Florida Judge’s Power To Increase Jury Awards

Your personal injury case has just been finaled. The jury found in your favor but only granted you $50,000 for the losses you’ve encountered in your personal injury case. All the evidence you provided clearly showed that you sustained $150,000 in damages.  You’re unhappy with the financial outcome and feel like the jury gave a senseless low ball award. Now that the award is final, you begin to think, “Did those jurors make a mistake?” Upon request, a person filing

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Seeking Injury Compensation After a Public Park Accident

When heading out for a relaxing day at the park, sustaining a serious injury is the last thing you expect to happen. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways for a public park accident to occur, especially if the property isn’t cared for or faulty equipment is in use. In fact, each year over 200,000 children under the age of 14 are treated for playground-related injuries. In the state of Florida, you have a right to seek compensation if you’re

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