The Top 4 Lasting Effects of Identity Theft

Technology has put the entire world at our fingertips, making it easier to connect with people, learn new things, and stay entertained. However, technology has also made our personal information more vulnerable than ever. Identity theft is a serious problem across the United States, leaving people’s personal information, financial accounts, and credit history exposed. After your identity has been stolen, it’s crucial to work with an identity theft lawyer to catch every way that your information has been compromised and

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5 Things to Do When You’re the Victim of Identity Theft

You’ve opened your credit card statement and found a slew of unauthorized charges, or maybe your debit card was declined because someone wiped out your entire account. Or perhaps your social security number ended up on the dark web. No matter how you’ve been alerted to identity theft, you must act quickly. The effects of identity theft can be devastating, and you need to inform all affected parties as soon as possible to prevent damage to your credit. 1. Contact

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The First 5 Steps You MUST Take After Identity Theft

Unfortunately, personal identity theft happens every day. While there are steps to prevent identity fraud, they don’t always stop it. Identity thieves are clever and often can navigate around these steps. If you suspect your identity has been stolen, act fast to prevent any further damage. 1. Contact and/or Change Your Accounts First, contact all financial accounts, including but definitely not limited to, bank accounts, credit card accounts (as well as store credit cards), and any finance company you use

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7 Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

Thanks to technological advancements and good old-fashioned snooping, identity theft is getting easier and easier; however, you can protect yourself in a number of ways such as carrying only essential documents, protecting your computer and passwords, and regularly checking your credit report. Identity theft is on the rise – especially thanks to today’s age of technology – but we’ve got some ways you can proactively prevent thieves and hackers from stealing your identity. 1. Carry Only Essential Documents Your driver’s

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Protecting Your Identity for the Holidays

The holidays are just about upon us and while you are thinking about Christmas cheer and spending time with family, identity thieves are on the lookout for your personal information.Identity theft cases hit their annual peak during the holidays, because most consumers are more concerned with getting their holiday to-do list done; rather than protecting their identity. All it takes is a little effort to protect your identity to ensure that you and your family enjoy a hassle-free holiday season.

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5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

As technology continues to advance, identity theft is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Most would agree that the age of the Internet and technology has been both a blessing and a curse. This is mainly because criminals and hackers are finding new ways to steal personal information from innocent users. Not only do you need to protect personal information from the virtual world, it’s also important to take extra steps in preventing your identity from being stolen in the

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What to Do About Identity Theft

The more the technology is advancing, the more the cases of identity theft are increasing Technology has dominated our lives. It has changed who we are and how we function as a society. Many of us can’t survive or operate each day without a piece of technology. Technology has certainly changed our lives. Most would even agree that it has made our lives easier. However, some would certainly agree that it has also made our lives more difficult and complex.

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Some Miami Residents Feel Under protected When it Comes to Identity Theft

Recent poll data reveals that large portions of the central and southern Florida community feel like the federal government is not doing a satisfactory job shielding citizens from identity thieves. In fact, a new poll published numbers saying that less than a third of Miami residents believe the feds are doing enough on the subject. The facts point out that these poll results are not the outcome of irrational fears. Actually, Florida, and specifically the Miami area, is ground zero

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Fraudsters Use the Postal Service to Trick Their Targets

At the heart of most identity theft schemes is an attempt to lull the victim into a false sense of security. Often, this false sense of security is established when fraudsters disguise themselves as trusted agents of the government or other institutions in which we have placed our faith. Recently, the United States Postal Service released a warning to customers of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The essence of the alert asks people to be aware of all requests for

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The World’s Largest Internet Security Breach Perpetrated

eBay, the online auction house, has been the subject of what some are calling potentially the largest single security breach in history. Computer hackers broke into and removed data from the depository that secures the personal information of over 233 million worldwide eBay users. Identity theft on this massive scale puts the sanctity of online accounts everywhere into question According to the Guardian, eBay claims that encrypted financial information was not accessed, but other, non-encrypted information like users names, dates

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The Heartbleed Mega Bug Threatens Internet Security Worldwide

In recent weeks countless news stories shed light on the so-called “Heartbleed bug” and its pervasive reach threatening internet security and potential ramifications including identity theft. It has been deemed as “catastrophic” by industry experts, but what is it? Understanding the Danger The Heartbleed bug works by creating a pathway into security software. Unfortunately, the security software made vulnerable is some of the most widely used protection for sensitive information used on the internet. The software affected is the OPenSSL,

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Target Data Breach Serves as a Reminder to Monitor Your Credit Report

Earlier this month, hackers obtained about 40 million credit card and debit card numbers used by customers at the retail store Target between November 27th and December 15th. The information obtained by the hackers included not only the numbers but also the names on the cards, expiration dates and encrypted security codes – basically everything an identity thief needs to make fraudulent charges on those cards. Most recently it was announced that the hackers obtained encrypted PINs for the debit

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