What to Do if Your Child is Injured in a Florida Bicycle Accident

Virtually every child loves the feeling of freedom that only riding a bicycle has to offer. Regardless of if they are taking a trip around the block to a friend’s house, just seeing what’s going on in the neighborhood, or practicing a new trick they have learned, bike riding provides several hours of entertainment – no screen needed. Unfortunately, there is also inherent danger involved with bike riding for kids. Accidents can occur in many ways. They may involve the

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How to Avoid Personal Injury by Choosing the Right Car Seat

There is nothing more terrifying than the injury of your child. To prevent our children from being injured in automobile accidents, we use approved Florida car seats. Unfortunately, some of these car seats are poorly produced and ill-prepared for an actual crash. If your child has been injured in an accident despite using a car seat, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer at Fetterman & Associates for assistance and representation. We care deeply about the

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