Protecting Your Rights After a Burn Injury

Have you recently suffered a serious burn injury that’s left you in pain and unable to function as you did before? Burns can cause extensive nerve damage and require hospitalization and surgery. Even minor burns can be debilitating. Most of the time these injuries come out of nowhere and can affect anyone from kitchen staff to children playing at home. In fact, each year around 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention. If you’re one of these people and feel

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3 Steps You Need to Take Immediately Following a Burn Injury

Despite all of our technology and safety standards, there are still many things that could lead to a burn injury. In fact, over 480,000 people experience such an injury every year in the United States alone. And according to the World Health Organization, burns account for about 180,000 deaths per year. Depending on the severity of a burn, the moments immediately following the injury are critical, especially since serious burns can have life-threatening consequences. If you or someone you love

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