Common Causes Of Boating Accidents

In 2020, there were 836 reportable boating accidents in the state of Florida. When you take into consideration that there are nearly one million registered vessels in the state, there’s not much reason to believe that this number will decline in the years to come. Every time you take to the water you’re at risk of suffering an injury in an accident. Fortunately, when you understand the most common causes of boating accidents, you’re in a better position to prevent trouble. Our experienced West Palm

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Liability in a Boating Accident in Florida

There are over 12 million registered boats in the United States, and every year more than 4,700 recreational boating accidents happen, causing the death of over 700 people. Even if these accidents are not fatal in most cases, the boat operators and passengers can suffer severe injuries ranging from bone fractures and broken limbs to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and loss of limbs. Generally, there are different causes of boating accidents. Some of these causes include malfunctioning equipment,

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Child Injured by Runaway Boat in Edgewater

Florida’s open waters draw many to this scenic state, but this feature also poses risks to residents and visitors. Boat collisions put passengers, swimmers, and others in danger. In September of 2018, the captain of an Edgewater boat was tossed overboard. The boat continued without its pilot, running wild in the nearby waters. It struck a five-year-old child who was swimming nearby, sending him to the hospital. The child recovered fully, so this story has a much happier ending than

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5 Tips for Staying Safer on the Water

Boating is a popular past time in Florida. Unfortunately, the large volume of boats on the water increases the likelihood of a boat accident occurring. According to Statista, Florida has the highest number of boat accidents per year.  2559 injuries occurred as a result of boating accidents in 2019, and there were 613 fatalities. The key to preventing boating accident is safety.  Here are 5 tips that’ll keep you and your loved ones safer. Tip 1: Keep Tabs on Your

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Florida Hit and Run Boating Accident Leaves Man with Partial Amputation

It’s summer season and there are many boats to be found out on the glorious waters of Florida. It’s important to pay attention to the dangers associated with boating and always keep safety top of the mind when you’re going out on any watercraft, as a recent story illustrates. One man lost part of his legs in a recent boating accident in St. Augustine. According to officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a ski boat struck the

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Local Radio Personality Named as Defendant in Personal Injury Suit

A tragic boating precipitated the death of a local man, and spurred a lawsuit for monetary damages. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that but for the negligence of the defendants, the death of the twenty-three-year-old victim would never have happened. The complaint, filed by attorneys representing the deceased victims parents, set forth that DJ Laz’s unlawful behavior caused the death of Ernesto Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez was killed in an attempt to free a boat captained by DJ Laz, whose given

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