Can You Sue for Emotional Distress After a Car Accident?

Did you know your mental and emotional health may be damaged in the aftermath of an accident? Most people are so focused on their physical injuries and the recovery process that they don’t realize until much later that accidents can also have a debilitating impact on their emotional and mental health. Most people understand the process used to recover from losses related to a physical injury; however, recovering from emotional distress can be much more challenging and less straightforward. In

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Scooter Accidents in West Palm Beach

Today, hundreds of cities across the state host their own fleet of electric scooters, including West Palm Beach. While many people enjoy the convenience offered by this mode of transportation, others have witnessed the potential dangers they present first-hand. At Fetterman & Associates, we have seen how dangerous and damaging a scooter accident can be. If you are involved in a scooter accident in West Palm Beach, there’s a good chance you will need an experienced and capable personal injury

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Common Teen Driving Accidents 

Did you know that in the initial six months after a teen gets their driver’s license, the risk of getting into an accident is highest? It’s estimated that one in five teenagers will be in an accident within 12 months of receiving their license. Some of the reasons that new drivers are so much more at risk for an accident are related to distraction and inexperience.  In some situations, the incident will not be your teen’s fault. In these cases,

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