Catastrophic Injury And Compensation In Florida

It goes without saying that anyone can suffer severe injuries at any time. Adding to this, it’s possible that your accident and related injuries could have come about as the result of another individual’s negligence, which can entitle you to seek compensation under Florida law. While some injuries are minor, others are much more serious, leading to great amounts of damages. If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury in Florida, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach to discuss your legal rights to maximum compensation.

Our personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach explains what qualifies as a catastrophic injury in Florida and how to seek compensation.

What is a catastrophic injury?

The most basic definition of a catastrophic injury is one that is life-altering and/or permanent, resulting in short or long-term impact on functionality. 

In general, there are three primary types of catastrophic injuries:

  1. Cognitive injury
  2. Spinal cord injury
  3. Physical injury

To better understand what a catastrophic injury looks like, let’s review five injuries that fit into one or more of the categories above: 

  1. Spinal cord injury: This type of injury can result in a variety of medical concerns, ranging from complete or partial paralysis to circulatory problems.
  2. Traumatic brain injury (TBI): These injuries take on many forms, such as skull fractures and bleeding in the brain. Long-term impact can include but is not limited to emotional distress, difficulty or the inability to communicate, and limited ability to move. 
  3. Limb loss: As an amputee, you’ll face a variety of challenges, both physical and emotional. For example, it could impact your ability to return to your job and provide for your loved ones.
  4. Severe burns: This injury can cause limb loss, disfigurement, infections, and more. It also has the potential to result in a permanent disability. 
  5. Organ damage: If it’s not addressed in a timely manner, organ damage can be life-threatening. 

With all of the above, costly surgeries — both after the accident and in the future — may be necessary. In some cases, an accident victim could find themselves managing more than one of these injuries, along with a longer list of medical expenses.

What expenses & compensation are related to a catastrophic injury?

There is no shortage of expenses related to a catastrophic injury. In addition to those that present immediately following an accident, others add up over the course of the victim’s life. Below is a list of the types of expenses that can be recovered with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach:

Catastrophic injuries can come with costly expenses such as home modifications or assistive devices.
  • Medical treatment: A catastrophic injury will require advanced medical treatment, both now and in the future. Many people who suffer a catastrophic injury will require treatment for the rest of their life.
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity: A catastrophic injury can impact your ability to work. And even if you can work, you may not be able to do so in the capacity you did before your injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach can help you seek compensation for both lost wages and future earning capacity.
  • Assistive devices: For example, you may require a wheelchair for mobility after suffering a catastrophic injury. Just the same, your home may require updates in order to  accommodate your new needs.
  • Prosthetics: These come into play in the event that you lose a limb. Prosthetics are expensive to purchase. Also, they may require repairs and/or replacement.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: A catastrophic injury can impact your ability to enjoy your life, such as engaging in favorite hobbies or active pastimes.
  • Loss of consortium: Your family relationships, such as that with your spouse and children, can be impacted by a catastrophic injury. For instance, if you’re wheelchair-bound for the rest of your life, you may not be able to play with your children as you once did.
  • Counseling for emotional distress: Emotional distress is every bit as impactful as physical injuries. Many people who suffer a catastrophic injury find it difficult to return to the life they once knew.
  • Ongoing physical therapy: This takes on many forms, ranging from physical therapy to occupational therapy. It may be necessary in order to regain some of the skills you lost as a result of your injury.
  • Assistance from home health aides and/or caregivers: You may not require long-term care, but the help of a home health aide and/or caregiver may be necessary while you recover from a catastrophic injury.

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