Are You Taking Steps to Protect Your Identity?

Capital One Security Breach: Are You Taking Steps to Protect Your Identity?

Are You Taking Steps to Protect your IdentitySecurity breaches are a common event in the United States. While most do not result in personal identity theft, there are those select cases that do occur. Credit monitoring provided by the negligent party is not enough to protect your identity. After the Capital One security breach, what steps did you take to keep your identity safe? Even if the company offered their own solutions (i.e. free monitoring for a year, sending a new card number, etc.), only you can truly protect yourself. To help get you started, use the following tips to ensure your identity is safe following the recent Capital One breach.

Review Account Statements

Review your bank, credit, and other financial account statements right away. Then, continue to monitor them online on a regular basis. You can set alerts on your bank and credit card statements, such as sending you an email any time your credit account has been used. If you notice fraudulent activity, contact the financial institution right away to report it.

Review Your Credit Report

Review your credit report and look for any new credit accounts, inquiries, or higher balances on your existing accounts. Also, pay attention to any employment or address history on file. While it is unlikely with the Capital One security breach someone would assume your identity, it is one of the more common red flags that consumers miss.

Change Account Numbers

If Capital One did not send you a new credit or debit card, contact them right away. By changing your account or card numbers, you can decrease the likelihood someone will use your accounts.

Change Passwords and Security Questions

Be sure to update and change your online login information, passwords, and security questions frequently. Because Capital One operates online, hackers and identity thieves may have obtained your login information and accessed your account.

Contact an Attorney if You Think Your Identity Was Stolen

If your identity was stolen because of the Capital One security breach, contact an attorney right away. Capital One could be held liable for any charges and costs associated with restoring your identity. While they may have offered credit monitoring, this isn’t enough to protect your identity. The Law Team at Fetterman & Associates, PA is ready to help fight for your credit. We can help restore your credit profile and seek out damages against Capital One for their breach. Contact us today by calling 561-316-2746 or send us an online inquiry for more information. Lawteam-Consult for Free Consultation