Can You Sue After a Florida Car Accident if You Weren’t Injured? 

Injury-causing car accidents in Florida are more common than most people realize. If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else where you sustained an injury, you can seek financial compensation from the at-fault party.

sue after florida car accidentHowever, other car accidents don’t result in injuries. You may wonder if you can sue for the accident in these situations.

Regardless of if you are injured or not, reaching out to our legal team at Fetterman Law after an accident is recommended. We can investigate your case and help to protect your rights.

Keep reading to learn more about your options and rights to file a lawsuit after a Florida car accident that doesn’t result in an injury.

Recovering Compensation for Personal Property Damage

If you didn’t suffer an injury in your car accident, it still might be possible to file a lawsuit for any other types of damages that occurred. Property damage to your vehicle or other personal possessions may result in you being due financial compensation from the liable party.

If the damage is minor, then filing a lawsuit may not be necessary. Instead, you can pursue a case in Florida’s small claims court. In fact, in Florida, any claim that is valued at $8,000 or less can be pursued through small claims court.

For damages more than $8,000, it may be necessary to file a civil court lawsuit. If you aren’t sure what your damages may be worth, our personal injury lawyers can help you figure this out.

It may be possible to recoup the entire cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle or other damaged property due to an accident. For this to happen, property damage tort claims rely on “negligence.”

What Is Negligence and How Does It Apply to Your Personal Injury Claim?

If another party doesn’t ensure a proper level of care is followed while on the road, they may cause an accident, harming a person or property. If you are the victim of this type of careless action, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation.

Remember, physical injuries aren’t the only type of consequence that can occur after a vehicle accident. Other damages may result in psychological, mental, or financial challenges.

You must provide proof that the other party acted in a negligent manner. To do this, there are certain things that must be proven.

The At-Fault Party’s Duty of Care

You must prove the person who caused the accident actually had a duty of care. An example is when someone is driving on the road, they have a responsibility to anyone else on the road. This includes the duty of controlling their vehicle in legal and safe ways.

The At-Fault Party Breached This Duty

If a person breaches the legal duty of care, they owe others, accidents, damages, and injuries are more likely. Evidence must be presented that proves the accused party did not fulfill this duty of care.

The Breach of Duty Resulted in the Damages

You must further prove that this breach in a driver’s duty resulted in damages to your personal property. For example, if bad weather were the reason the accident occurred, then it would be impossible for you to prove negligence.

Proof of Actual Damage to Your Personal Items

If you want the best chance of a successful negligence case, you must provide absolute proof that the accused party caused your damages. If the actions in question didn’t cause harm, you can’t prove negligence.

Talking to our legal team will help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Recovering Compensation for Damages After a Florida Car Accident Case

If you want to recover compensation for property damage that occurred because of a car accident, it’s important to use the tips and information above. Doing so will help you know what is expected, which may help you recover monetary compensation to repair or replace any damaged property.

Hire Our Legal Team for Help

No matter how big or how small, or what type of damage occurred in your accident, our legal team can help. We can fight for your case and help you show that negligence resulted in the damage to your personal property.

Remember, cases like this can be complicated, which is why we recommend that potential clients get in touch right away to discuss their case and the options they have. Our team can schedule a free initial consultation to help you get started, which will let you get to learn more about us and give us the chance to learn more about your case. Being informed and working with our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers are the best things you can do to recover compensation for damages after a car accident.