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Can I Sue For A Wrong Diagnosis?

Can I Sue For A Wrong Diagnosis?

When the doctor makes a wrong diagnosis, if it causes you serious injury, you may have a claim. You trust the doctor on the hospital to do what’s right, to take care of your medically and when there’s a tragedy that occurs, when something goes wrong, where do you turn? Only an experienced attorney can investigate and find out what happened. Did the doctor do something wrong? Did the doctor make a simple mistake? Did the doctor fall below the standard of care? That’s a medical term that protects doctors and hospitals. Only the experienced lawyer can do the investigation to find out what actually happened. Find out if you do have a case. We’ve been doing that for decades. Call us.

No one plans on being hurt in an accident. Yet, every day residents throughout Florida, including in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and other communities are hurt as a result of the mistakes and carelessness of others. From car and truck accidents to medical malpractice, defective products to premises liability, whenever a company or individual is negligent, local residents may have their lives turned upside down in preventable incidents. When that happens, the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates, PA is here to help.

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