Fetterman Business Law

Who We Are »

We’re your partner – providing ou clients with the one thing everyone needs – a good lawyer.

What we Do »

We’ll identify your challenges
and opportunities. Then offer
real-world solutions.

How We Do It »

We serve as your trusted
partner and won’t speak
“legalese” to you.

It's time for your relationship with
legal counsel to change.

Tired of hourly invoices in six-minute increments? Charges for every question, phone call, and email? Research? Billed. Meetings? Billed. Thinking about you? Billed.

We believe there’s a better way. A way to work with your attorney that doesn’t leave you feeling nickel-and-dimed, but like you have a partner sitting at the table. Whether growing your business, serving your community, running for office, or petitioning city hall, we’ll identify the problems and opportunities, present real-world solutions, and work to keep you on track, winning.

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