Avoid Cycling Accidents on Florida’s Roads

M.D: Learn how to avoid traffic accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians in Florida.

Cyclists often find themselves sharing a road with a multitude of vehicle drivers with the extra protection of their vehicles’ safety measures. Unfortunately, cyclists and pedestrians are overly-exposed to the impact of traffic accidents. This is why accidents involving vehicles and cyclists are fatal. Here are tips to help you avoid these accidents.

Before you start cycling…

Cyclists, no matter their age and abilities, should use a safe, well-maintained bicycle and the right safety equipment. Whether you’re riding a coaster-brake bike, an adult bike, or a multi-speed bike, follow the following tips to ensure you’re safe:

  • Choose a bicycle that fits your size and abilities. An oversized bike is hard to control.
  • Take a class on bike traffic skills to understand road safety and how to avoid being hit or crashing into vehicles.
  • Familiarize yourself with your bike, particularly the braking system, before you hit the road.
  • Make sure your bike has a functional headlight and rear-flashing lights so that vehicle drivers can easily see you even at night.
  • Wear a safety-rated and functional helmet.
  • Wear reflective clothing every time you ride, even during the day.
  • Ensure your bike’s tires are perfectly inflated.
  • Never hit the road while under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.

Avoid bike-vehicle accidents

Cycling safety has become a major concern on the roads across the country. This is due to the increased number of fatal crashes involving cyclists and motorcycle riders. Many states require riders and cyclists to follow all the set traffic rules. Violating traffic regulations can result in similar citations and penalties that other vehicle operators face.

Depending on where you live, you must adhere to various state and local traffic regulations every time you hit the road. So, learning more about Florida traffic laws is important for your safety, and you will know the specific steps to take if you ever get involved in an accident. It’s also important to consult with an experienced bicycle accident attorney who can help you file a personal injury claim and ensure that you get fair compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Common bicycle laws

Bike safety in traffic majorly depends on how well the riders and cyclists follow traffic regulations. So, it is up to you to learn all relevant traffic laws in your state or city and follow them. Some of the common traffic regulations across the country include: 

  • Obey traffic signals and the signs.
  • Ride your bike with, not against, the flow of general traffic.
  • Cycling while under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances can get you arrested and your bike impounded. 
  • Your bike must have a functional braking system.
  • Your bike should have reflectors that are bright enough and light for motorists and other riders to see you clearly. 
  • It is illegal for a bicycle or motorcycle to be towed from the back of a streetcar, bus, or any other motor vehicle. 
  • Bicycles should always travel on the far right side of the road lane unless there is not enough room for the bike and the car to share in the lane. 

The list of traffic rules regarding cycling and motorcycle riding is very long. Check your state’s official website to learn more about these regulations and ensure that you stay safe on Florida roads.

If you or your loved one ever gets hit by a motor vehicle while cycling or riding, consult with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Florida to successfully file a personal injury claim and hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions.