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Medical Errors that Kill in the Hospital

By The LawTeam, In Medical Malpractice, On 07, July, 2020

You can experience life-changing experience when it comes to errors with medical prescriptions. The fact is you can make a…

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Zantac Lawsuits

By The LawTeam, In Personal Injury, On 30, June, 2020

On September 13th, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported a carcinogenic contaminant in Zantac (ranitidine). The contaminant wasn’t…

What to Do After a Car Accident with Uninsured Driver

By The LawTeam, In Auto Accident Attorney, Car Accidents, On 24, June, 2020

Car accidents happen in Florida every day. Getting involved in one often comes with some comfort: there is car insurance…

Social Security Disability: Conditions that Qualify

By The LawTeam, In Social Security Disability, On 19, June, 2020

Individuals receiving social security benefits based on a disability, as identified from the most recent statistics by the Social Security…

A Comprehensive Guide to Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

By The LawTeam, In Wrongful Death Blogs, On 16, June, 2020

Losing a loved one is devastating. There’s a lot of emotional damages if the death could have been avoided or…

How to Pursue Compensation after a Nursing Home Wrongful Death

By The LawTeam, In Wrongful Death Blogs, On 12, June, 2020

You probably don't know this yet, but more than 1.6 million people in the U.S. are nursing home patients. It doesn't end…

7 Delayed Injury Symptoms You Need to Know After a Car Accident

By The LawTeam, In Car Accidents, On 09, June, 2020

Just because you walked out of a car accident unscathed doesn’t mean you’re now in the clear. Injuries don’t always…

6 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

By The LawTeam, In Personal Injury, On 03, June, 2020

Securing fair compensation for your injuries and other relevant losses after a severe accident can be very challenging. There are…

Florida’s Good Samaritan Law: Can You Be Held Liable for Making the Victim’s Injury Worse?

By The LawTeam, In Personal Injury, On 29, May, 2020

Imagine the following situation. You are on your way to work when you witness a devastating vehicle accident. Your first…

What to Do After an Involvement in a Truck Accident

By The LawTeam, In Truck Accidents, On 26, May, 2020

In the US, truck accidents occur more frequently than many people realize. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that…



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