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Are Limos Safe?

Special occasions like proms, weddings, funerals, and parties often hire limousine services to transport participants to and from their destinations. Many people only see the glitz and glamour of the limo experience. But limousine accidents, however small, can lead to huge injuries, up to and including death.

Florida limo accident

There are several unseen dangers which exist within stretch limousines that make them particularly susceptible to horrific crashes. Some of these issues exist on the federal regulation level, some are manufacturing errors, and others involve foul play on the part of the companies that own the vehicles.

So, what are the biggest threats facing limo safety today? How can they be overcome? And if you or a loved one is involved in a limo accident; can an experience Florida personal injury attorney help you receive financial compensation?

Regulation Woes

One of the major reasons why limousine accidents are often fatal lies in the limo safety regulations which were put in place to preserve their safety.

U.S. regulations call for all vehicles to have seatbelts and side-curtain airbags installed at the time of manufacturing. However, limos or party busses with less than eight forward facing seats are exempt from this rule.


It’s actually a loophole. The exemption was designed for airport shuttles and busses that have multiple spaces reserved for wheelchair access. Limo manufacturers exploit this loophole to save on costs. A stretch limo is particularly susceptible to side collisions, and with no safety features in place, the injury and fatality rates of limousine accidents skyrocket.

Adding fuel to an already fierce flame is the fact that many limousine passengers do not wear seatbelts and move about the cabin. Unrestrained passengers with no security provisions could be a recipe for disaster.

Construction Issues

A stretch limo is created by taking apart a regular vehicle, like a Lincoln Towncar, stretching it with added components, and bolting it back together. This creates further safety hazards in the event of a collision.

Not only that, but limos have built in blind spots which endanger not only the passengers traveling in the vehicle, but other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Unregistered Companies

There is a growing issue in the U.S. with limo service companies that are either unregistered or employing unlicensed drivers. Maneuvering a vehicle the size of a stretch limo takes a certain amount of training and skill, and if you’re with a driver who has none of that, you are placing your life in danger.

Furthermore, if you are the victim of an accident in an uninsured limo, you may have a hard time receiving compensation for your medical care.

A recent fatal limousine crash in New York that took the lives of 18 people was a result of a vehicle that did not have certification “in a way that was compliant with federal law,” according to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

This is a real problem, and it’s happening right now. It could happen to you.

How Can You Fight Back?

Victims of a limousine crash have a legal right to compensation. If you have been involved in a Florida limo accident that caused serious injury or death, contact Fetterman & Associates, The Law Team. Call 561-845-2510 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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