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Airbag Automotive Recalls Continue

There are a lot of things people do in their lives to keep themselves and their families safe. Many people don’t cross the street unless there is a crosswalk; others maintain strict rules about wearing a helmet or life jacket; and some families don’t leave the driveway until all passengers are properly buckled up.

For some individuals, following safety guidelines is a sure way to keep yourself alive and protected in the case of an accident, but with the increase in automotive airbag recalls, the faulty equipment in your car can leave you helpless and terrified no matter how safe you try to be.


Faulty Airbag Systems Are Common

As more and more automobiles are being recalled as a result of a faulty airbag system, Americans are beginning to recognize these common issues. In fact, no one is certain what is scarier: recalls are happening more often or that so many vehicles have been affected.

In 2013, a supplier of airbags called Takata announced their knowledge of the fault, but it wasn’t until June 2014 that Toyota also announced some of their vehicles had been affected by the same issue.

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Why These Recalls Are So Important

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, one of the more important features a customer looks for is safety. There are several reasons an airbag can be recalled:

  • The airbag fails to deploy properly
  • The manufacturer has made an error while installing these airbags
  • The airbag deploys at an incorrect time, such as a low-impact accident, causing unnecessary damage

Regardless of the reason for the airbag recall, the injuries can be fatal from a faulty airbag. Either an airbag doesn’t do its job and deploy correctly, which can help save your life in an accident, or it deploys when it isn’t supposed to, which can also be fatal. If an airbag deploys in a low-impact accident, it can damage the brain, spine, neck or head of the passenger or driver.

Recall Victims

When it comes to facing issues such as airbag recalls, it can be hard to know what to do after you realize your vehicle has been recalled due to a faulty airbag. Defective equipment in a car is almost always the fault of the manufacturer; not the car owner.

If you have been in an accident where an airbag did not deploy properly or deployed too early, your vehicle may have been recalled without your knowledge or is still under investigation for a faulty airbag system.

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Need to Contact Professional Accident Lawyers

It is important to contact an experienced professional immediately if you feel that an accident has occurred because of a faulty airbag system or an airbag that has yet to be recalled.

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