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Accident Lawyer Discusses: Mistakes to Avoid after a Car Accident

Accident Lawyer Discusses: Mistakes to Avoid after a Car Accident

Getting to work or dropping the kids off at school on time it is amazing how much time we spend driving in a car. Navigating your way around the roadways in West Palm Beach area on a daily basis can be very dangerous and other people’s negligence could lead to you being involved in a car accident. There will be times when a car accident will be unavoidable. If and when you are involved in a car accident in the West Palm Beach area, you will need to keep a cool head to avoid making mistakes. Read below to find out more about what mistakes you should avoid making at all costs following a car accident.

Underestimating the Injuries You Have

Not taking the injuries you have sustained in a car accident seriously can lead to a lot of danger. Some people think they will be fine and do not need medical attention following a wreck. The truth is that some injuries, namely brain related trauma, can take hours to show any symptoms. Internal hemorrhaging or brain swelling will show very few symptoms at first but can do a lot of harm to your body. The best way to avoid putting yourself in danger is by getting checked out by the medical professionals on the scene.

Waiting too Long to Take Action

If the accident you have been involved in was caused by the other party’s negligence, you will need to act quickly. Failing to act can prevent you from getting the full compensation you are owed. There are also very strict statute of limitations when it comes to filing a car accident lawsuit. Instead of putting yourself in danger of not getting compensated for your injuries, you will have to take the time to consult with a lawyer.

Giving Too Much Information to the Insurance Company

When you are involved in an accident, the insurance company of the negligent party will usually reach out to you. During your conversations with them, you need to avoid giving too much information. Telling them about any pending litigation can lead to a lot of problems in the long run. You should only provide these people with the bare minimum amount of information. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to ensure dealings with an insurance company are in your favor.

Failing to Contact the Proper Authorities

After an accident, you will need to call the proper authorities immediately. Neglecting to get a police office on scene may hurt your chances of getting the compensation you are owed. A police officer will make a detailed report about the accident you are involved in. This report will layout who was at fault and what the witnesses to the accident said about it.

Call Fetterman & Associates PA right now to discuss the details of your case. We have helped many car accident victims get the compensation they were owed. The last thing you want to do is take on a complicated matter like this without the right legal representation. We offer free consultation and no fees or costs unless win.

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