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6 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe From Injury This Holiday Season

One of the most important holiday gifts you are going to give your children this year is not something that you have to wrap or tie with a brightly colored ribbon; it is not going to be a play set or electronic game.

The best gift that you could give your children is a safe and injury-free holiday season.

Children are at an increased risk of injury—especially during the holiday season. Many of these accidents happen in the home, and can be avoided.

Here are six ways that you can keep your children safe from injury this holiday season.

Beware of Batteries: Many of your child’s favorite toys are battery operated. Most batteries are small enough that they can easily be a choking hazard for children. This is especially true of those small, round button shaped batteries, which can be lethal and dangerous.

Toys are not the only items that require batteries. Look for them in greeting cards, watches, and small electronics. Never allow your son or daughter to handle batteries without supervision, and be sure that the protective backing that houses the batteries is on properly and secured.

Be Vigilant of Fire Hazards: Pay close attention to lights that are used on Christmas trees and around your home during the holiday season. Although they are meant to brighten your home, they can be a fire hazard.

Check to make sure that no frayed wires are exposed and that there are no broken sockets or slack connections. You should also take a moment to make sure that all of your smoke detectors are in good working condition.

Be Mindful of Mall Escalators and Shopping Carts: Watch your children carefully while in shopping carts, because if they stand unexpectedly, they can suffer a serious fall. A safety buckle will ensure that your child is as safe as possible in the shopping cart. And is they are too big for the buckle, they are probably too big to be in the cart.

And what about mall escalators? It is easy for a parent to be distracted while getting onto a mall escalator and not see that the child has gone ahead. Pay close attention to children around and on mall escalator. Also be sure that your child does not have any loose shoelaces, or any loose clothing, that could easily get caught in the moving parts of the escalator.

Keep an Eye on Medicine: If you are going away for the holidays with family, don’t leave behind any medication your children may need. However, when you do take the medication, make sure that they are in child-resistant bottles so children cannot open them easily.

You certainly do not want to be stuck out of town without a necessary prescription for your child, but you also want to be safe as to avoid any potential issues.

No Eating While Playing: Never let your kids eat while playing. It presents too much of an opportunity for choking. Children may be very excited to play with new toys, or munch on a favorite holiday treat, but it is important to keep these activities separate.

It is a great idea to get your young child into the habit of only eating at the table, even snacks and treats. And you should always supervise your child while eating, as holiday favorites like hard candy, lollipops, and candy canes can present a choking hazard.

Take Necessary Childproofing Measures: During the holiday season, parents should take childproofing measures to protect children from normal day to day things that can prove dangerous to small children.

For example, avoid leaving stoves and fireplaces unattended while your little one is nearby. Items such as these tend to be used more during the holidays, and you want to be sure that curious hands don’t get too close.

If you take a hot food item out of the oven, be sure that your child isn’t wandering into the kitchen to touch the food or try to taste it. Burns are fairly common injuries, but they can also be avoided.

While you will do everything you can to make sure your child has a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season, accidents can still happen.

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If your child does is injured this holiday season and you suspect that someone else’s negligent and careless behavior may be to blame then contact a personal injury lawyer for counsel and advice.

A personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach will be able to help you take the necessary steps to ensure justice is done and your rights – as well as your child’s – are protected.

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