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6 Tips to Avoid Accidents with Cars While Cycling

As a cyclist, you know that you have to share the road with vehicles. But, other drivers may not be as accommodating. Often drivers do not look out for cyclists nor do they car that they have a right away on the road. But, as a cyclist, there are things you can do to avoid accidents with vehicles.

tips to avoid accidents

How to Avoid Getting Hit by a Vehicle

  • Look Out for Doors – Cyclists are often hit by people opening their car doors on them. You can avoid this by giving yourself enough space so that if a car door opens unexpectedly, you still have room to move by it. If you can, avoid riding close to parked cars.
  • Make Eye Contact – Before you turn or even cross the street, look out for drivers and make eye contact with the driver. This will ensure he or she will actually see you. If they do not make eye contact, then slow down and wait for the vehicle to cross the road before you go.
  • Avoid Crosswalk Collisions – When drivers turn right across a cross walk, they often do not look for cyclists or pedestrians. Make sure to look for vehicles turning right and wait to see if the driver notices you before you go across the street.
  • Use a Headlight – If you cycle at night or during the early morning hours, make sure your bike is equipped with a headlight. This ensures drivers actually see your bike and do not accidentally hit you on the side of the road. Have a rear flashing light as well so that drivers coming up from behind can see your bike.
  • Wear Reflective Gear – If you ride at night or any time the sunlight is not at the brightest, then you should wear reflective gear. This will reflect off the driver’s headlights so that they see you on the side of the road, crossing the street, etc.
  • Ride with Traffic – Do not ride against traffic. While you may think that makes it easier for drivers to see you, going against the flow can actually increase the chances of an accident. Drivers turning onto the road are not trained to look for oncoming traffic from the wrong side; therefore, they wouldn’t look to see if you were coming.

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Injured by a Vehicle Collision? Contact an Attorney

If you were hit by a car on your bike, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Cars share the road, but drivers have an obligation to practice additional safety when sharing that road with pedestrians and cyclists. Click here to contact the Florida bicycle accident attorneys at Fetterman & Associates, PA today for a free consultation regarding you bike injuries.

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